Michael Strahan Hilariously Catches a ‘Cramp’ Dancing with Daughters on Tiktok

by Katie Maloney

Michael Strahan may have won the best dad award, but it cost him a hamstring cramp.

Tiktok dance videos are definitely a thing these days. And families are wasting no time testing their dancing genes. Even celebrities are sharing choreographed dance videos with their kids. Television personality and former NFL athlete, Michael Strahan is no exception. He recently shared two videos of himself dancing with his daughters. During the first video, the three dance in unison until the very end. Strahan abruptly stops and clutches the back of the leg. During the second video, the three of them stay in sync for the entire dance, although Strahan’s dance moves look a little less energetic than during the first video. In the caption, he hilariously explained what happened during the first video.

Along with the video, he wrote, “First attempt: caught a cramp in the hamstring at the end. Lol. Second attempt: Knocked it out with @isabella.strahan and @sophialstrahan!”

Michael Strahan, you have to warm up before the big game, you know that!

Michael Strahan’s Daughters Are His Biggest Fans

If your dad films tiktok dance videos with you, you hype him up any chance you get. That’s exactly what Strahan’s twin daughters, Sophia and Isabella did during a shopping trip in Florida. The two stopped into JCPenney to see their dad’s new menswear collection, M by Michael Strahan. While there, the two decided to film their own commercial for the line. They both tried on trousers and jackets from his collection. And, although the clothing was oversized, they pulled it off!

The two girls seemed to be having a lot of fun as they demonstrated the different ways fans could wear the clothes. Strahan shared the video on Instagram. Along with the video, he wrote, “@isabella.strahan and @sophialstrahan with the greatest commercial. For @mbymichaelstrahan. Love my girls! ❤️ P.S. They make a good point, you should check out my line!! #RaiseYourGame”