Michael Strahan Hilariously Pretends to Ride a Horse While Attempting to Use a British Accent

by Chris Haney

While making a virtual appearance on The Ellen Show earlier today, Michael Strahan got roped into participating in a ridiculous game of multi-tasking.

The former New York Giants defensive linemen is forever busy with his numerous jobs and ventures. Since retiring from the NFL, he’s hosted multiple shows, and many at the same time. Since Strahan is often juggling more than one job at a time, Ellen DeGeneres challenged him to a different kind of multi-tasking.

Although the game makes no sense, it’s definitely amusing to watch the 6’5″ Super Bowl champion try his best. DeGeneres challenged Michael Strahan to complete a laundry list of random actions within a 60-second time frame.

“So first I’m going to read them all in a row and I’ll remind you as you do it. You only have 60 seconds to do this. First you have to do 10 dizzy bat spins while singing ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.’ Then you’ll hop on one foot, tap your head, rub your belly while listing all the Kardashians. Then you have to do the Floss [dance] and then twerk. Next, you pretend to ride a horse while talking in a British accent. And then you’ll finish with your best touchdown dance,” DeGeneres explained.

“What?!” a bewildered Michael Strahan responded to the goofy rules of the game.

Following the dizzy bat spins, Strahan struggled to stay on his feet. He recovered well though while hopping on one foot and naming the Kardashians. However, the riding a horse and speaking in a British accent didn’t go so well.

Of course, his pretend horse riding was sufficient enough. But we doubt he’ll be cast as an Englishman anytime soon. As DeGeneres pointed out, Strahan went full Australian accent, not British. Wrong country, Michael.

Michael Strahan Talks About His Gap Teeth April Fool’s Day Prank

During the same interview, Michael Strahan opened up about his recent prank that seemed to fool everyone who saw it. He recently pretended to get the gap in his teeth fixed a couple of days before April Fool’s Day, and had everyone on the internet convinced the change was real.

Strahan shared photos and a short behind-the-scenes video of himself during the procedure. The whole production behind it made it seem like he had made a major life decision to fix his famous teeth. Yet it turned out to all be a big joke.

Strahan opened up to DeGeneres about how surprised he was that so many people took an interest in his teeth. He assumed most of his fans would realize it was a prank, but he was wrong. Strahan received so many messages about the prank that it ruined a portion of his family vacation.

“I truly did not think people cared that much about my teeth,” Michael Strahan explained. “I just did it as a little prank thinking that my Instagram followers would go, ‘Oh, he’s crazy’ and they’d know it was fake. It ruined part of my vacation. I was on spring break with my kids, and my phone blows up. 700 text messages, 400 emails, and everyone’s trying to FaceTime me to see [my teeth].”

“I’m here to report, it was just a prank! People still think it’s real. I had all these messages like, ‘You do you’ and ‘We’re so proud of you.’ But then I had the ones that were saying, ‘You let gap nation down, you should be ashamed of yourself.’ But gap nation, I am here to stay. I’m not going anywhere.”