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Michael Strahan Shares New Photos with Twin Daughters as He Shows ‘Instagram vs. Reality’

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/FilmMagic)

There’s just something about celebrities who go against the grain and keep it real. It’s what makes them Outsider favorites. I’m nearing my 500th article here at Outsider.com and one of the funniest moments I’ve ever covered as a writer has to be when Luke Bryan’s son got stuck in a swing. Remember that? The poor little guy was just trying to “bring back memories” and instead ended up singing soprano for a few days. Well, Michael Strahan is a father who likes to keep it real too.

The TV personality/host and former professional football player has twins of his own. Isabella and Sophia Strahan. They celebrated their 17th birthday together back in October and Strahan couldn’t be more proud of either of them. But between the red carpets and “Good Morning America” segments, Strahan is just a doting father of two teenagers. His recent “Instagram vs. Reality” post gives us a hilarious inside look at their relationship.

Check it out:

Michael Strahan Didn’t Get This Photo ‘Approved’

The caption adorably discloses the fact that Michael Strahan didn’t get this picture “approved” by the twins before sharing it with 1.4 million followers. However, he added that they “both look beautiful as always” to make up for it.

The “Instagram” side of things is focused and bright. Everyone is smiling and posing, channeling their inner Tyra Banks. Then again, maybe that’s not the best metaphor. She’s been drawing a lot of criticism since leaving the “America’s Next Top Model” gig for “Dancing With the Stars.” I just meant that Instagram sees the poses and filters.

On the other hand, “Reality” is, well, much more realistic. I mean, Michael Strahan’s face says it all in the second photo. The lighting is scattered, there’s no focus, and no one really knows what’s happening. And that’s kind of like parenting, from what I’ve been told. The important thing is showing up.

Slaying That Slang With His Girls

Raising two teenage daughters can’t be easy. They speak an entirely different language in some regards. So on that note, Michael Strahan decided to test his knowledge against a list of slang words compiled by a teacher over the years that went viral. He also enlisted the help of his twin girls who he refers to as “the coolest people I know.”

They team up to help host the “Slay That Slang” segment and explain how their generation uses each of the phrases in question. Before they begin the game, however, Michael Strahan offers up some light-hearted banter. He tells the girls to “remember who pays the rent, for their food, and education.”

Then, they jump right into the game.

Here’s the result: