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Michael Strahan Pokes Fun at Daughter Sophia in Hilarious New Photo

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Daughters, you’re never too old for your fathers to tease you. Or try to embarrass you on social media.

Michael Strahan, the former NFL star turned “Good Morning America” host, snapped a photo of Sophia, one of his 16-year-old twins, lounging in his New York apartment, Tuesday.

What was the big deal?

She was flat on her back, on the floor, wrapped in a blanket like a burrito. She was reading. Her laptop was to her left. She propped up her head with a couple of couch pillows. Only a teenager could be that comfortable.

To make the photo even cuter, family dog Enzo, the GoldenDoodle, was to her right, cuddled up near her feet.

Strahan posted the photo on Instagram to share with his 1.3 million followers.

Strahan wrote: “There is a couch, there is a chair, there is a bed, but nah Sophia is good with the floor LOL. Gotta love it! #kids

Sophia (probably while still on the floor) posted a reply to her Dad’s photo.

“You really did me like this,” Sophia said in one post.

In another reply: “I was in yoga class.”

Deborah Roberts, who works with Strahan at ABC, wrote what we all thought: “Oh to be a teen and carefree!!”

Michael Strahan Spending More Time With Twins After Custody Agreement

Strahan and the twins are able to spend more time together these days. He and his ex-wife, Jean, recently settled a nasty child custody case.

Strahan had asked for full custody. Instead, he agreed to joint.

According to court documents filed in October, the couple will share custody of the girls. Jean Strahan agreed to move to New York. And the twins will attend a private high school there until they graduate.

Strahan has been posting special moments with his daughters, whether they’re the every day mundane, like finding a twin bundled up on the floor with her dog. Or, he posts about the twins’ Sweet 16. Their birthday was last month.

This week, the girls were learning to drive.