Is Michael Strahan Really Going to Wear Diaper on Blue Origin Space Flight?

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Is Michael Strahan preparing for the unpreventable?

The former New York Giants player and “Good Morning America” co-anchor will get launched into space on December 9. He will be sitting alongside five other crew members during the third human flight for Blue Origin.

Michael Strahan Packing Diapers for Flight

The entire crew has been undergoing really strenuous training to prepare for their time in space. As it turns out, the six of them will only be in space pretty briefly. It is an 11-minute flight in which they will travel at three times the speed of sound. The rocket will then float over Earth for the crew to take in a life-changing view before it gently starts to descend using parachutes.

It’s only 11 minutes, but what happens if anyone simply can’t hold in their bodily functions? Strahan stressed and joked about this while appearing on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

“I had to fly the other day, and I’m looking at the thing and it tells you that you’re 43,000 feet and I’m going, ‘Man, this is way up here. Look at this! And then I realize this is nothing. So I might wear a diaper!” Strahan said.

It’s not clear or not if there is a specific way in which Blue Origin space explorers are told to relieve themselves. While he did joke about strapping into a diaper, it’s unclear if he’s actually going to pack one for the 11-minute trip.

Meanwhile, the SpaceX Crew Dragon team had to use diapers on their trip back to Earth last month. The team had been at the ISS to install solar panels, upgrade the station’s power grid, and grow green chile peppers, amongst other tasks.

The toilets broke on the Dragon Endeavor, which meant diapers were a must for the flight back.

Belongings Coming with for Blue Origin Flight

In addition to possibly bringing along a diaper, Strahan has a really thought-out and personal collection of things he’s bringing with him on Thursday.

He was only allowed to bring three pounds worth of belongings according to weight regulations for the flight.

Michael Strahan told People what these special items were exactly. He is bringing along his Super Bowl ring, his Pro Football Hall of Fame Ring of Excellence, two important watches, a pearl necklace that belonged to his girlfriend’s grandmother, and his ABC and FOX employee cards. The most sentimental piece of all, however, has to be the 12 shell casings he has packed.

These are from the 12-gun salute that happened for his father’s funeral.

Strahan also teamed up with Blue Origin to create a limited-edition pullover hoodie for fans to buy.

“I am excited to be able to create this limited-edition collaboration with Blue Origin to not only commemorate this once-in-a-lifetime moment – but it gives fans of space travel the chance to share in this journey with me,” Strahan said.