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Michael Strahan Recaps His First ‘Long Day’ of Training for Blue Origin Space Flight

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

While Michael Strahan has gone through plenty of training in the past for his former professional football career, flying in space is an all-new kind of training experience.

It was recently announced that the “Good Morning America” host would be one of the passengers on the upcoming Blue Origin Space flight. He’s been sharing his journey so far with getting prepped for space. He shared a video while going through the second day of his Blue Origin Space training.

Michael Strahan Shares Update on Future Flight

“Getting prepped to head to space! We did some astronaut training with Kevin Sproge, who is CrewMember 7 and the chief trainer! Got into the capsule for the first time… WOW moment for sure and much more!” Strahan wrote on Twitter.

“We trained from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Yes, nine hours we trained. But it was very interesting to learn about the operations here and what to expect … got a chance to sit in a capsule, went through a simulation. That’s just the beginning. It’s been a lot of fun and is a great learning experience …” Strahan said in the video he posted.

He is in Van Horn, Texas for the training event.

Excitement Regarding Blue Origin Space Flight

The flight is right around the corner, as well. He will take off on Thursday, December 9. He spoke about the experience while on “GMA.” He shared just how meaningful this once-in-a-lifetime experience truly is. It also inspired him to bring along a lot of his most meaningful belongings.

This includes his Hall of Fame ring, Super Bowl ring, old Giants jersey, and watches he loves. As for the thing with the most sentimental value, that would be the shell casings from the gun that was fired at his father’s funeral.

“My dad was a paratrooper and, you know, hopefully I’m staying in the ship. He jumped out of planes but it makes me feel closer to him so I love my dad and that’s for my pops,” said Strahan regarding the very personal belonging.

Although Strahan is excited to get up in space, arriving at training showed him just how nervous he is as well. He said he was “a lot more nervous” since arriving in the astronaut village. About a week ago, however, he told “Extra” correspondent Tommy DiDario how he was feeling at that moment.

“I’m excited. I am more nervous talking about football today than I am about going to outer space… It feels right. I feel good, I feel comfortable, I feel safe… I’m looking forward to it,” Strahan said at the time. It seems like those nerves showed up to play not long after, however.

This is the third human flight crew. He will be joined by five other people, one of which is Laura Shepard Churchley, the daughter of Alan Shepard. He was the first American in space.