Michael Strahan Says the Gap in His Teeth Is ‘Here to Stay’

by Chris Haney

During a recent appearance on The Ellen Show, Michael Strahan opened up about hilariously pretending to get the gap in his teeth fixed on April Fool’s Day.

Maybe it’s because Strahan’s prank happened a few days before April Fool’s Day. Maybe it’s because the Good Morning America host is so likable that fans trusted him a little too much. But Michael Strahan had everyone fooled when he announced his new look late last month.

The former New York Giants star had everyone on the internet convinced the change was real. He posted pictures and a video of himself during the supposed procedure, which all made it seem like he had made a major life decision. Needless to say, he got everyone good. Really good.

However, Strahan told Ellen DeGeneres how surprised he was that so many people cared about his teeth. The Super Bowl champion assumed most of his fans would know it was a prank. That was not the case though. He received so many messages about it that it ruined part of his family’s vacation.

“I truly did not think people cared that much about my teeth,” Michael Strahan explained. “I just did it as a little prank thinking that my Instagram followers would go, ‘Oh, he’s crazy’ and they’d know it was fake. It ruined part of my vacation. I was on spring break with my kids, and my phone blows up. 700 text messages, 400 emails, and everyone’s trying to FaceTime me to see [my teeth].”

“I’m here to report, it was just a prank! People still think it’s real. I had all these messages like, ‘You do you’ and ‘We’re so proud of you.’ But then I had the ones that were saying, ‘You let gap nation down, you should be ashamed of yourself.’ But gap nation, I am here to stay. I’m not going anywhere.”

Michael Strahan Fools Everyone with Teeth Procedure

On March 30, Strahan revealed his new teeth to the world. Little did we know that the whole thing was a set up.

Strahan posted the big reveal in a short video to his Twitter account. “I did it. #GoodbyeGap,” Strahan simply wrote on the post. In addition, the clip showed a behind-the-scenes look into his alleged procedure on his teeth. By the end of it, his look had completely changed. Especially since Strahan’s results looked flawlessly real, and his signature gap-toothed smile was completely gone.

That’s why it became such a huge story that Strahan decided to fix his teeth. In the clip, he referenced how many people told him not to go through with the procedure. After spending years in the spotlight, it had become part of Strahan’s look. But Strahan said he’s following through with it and doing it for himself, which made the whole thing that much more believable.

“If I go home and say I’m going to do it, it’ll be ‘don’t do it.’ If I post [on social media], it’ll be ‘don’t do it.’ I talk to my friends, it’ll be ‘don’t do it.’ If I talk to my business partner, it’ll be ‘don’t do it.’ But I’ve got to do what I want to do for myself now, you know?” Strahan explained in his video.

Well played, Michael Strahan. Well played.