Mick Fleetwood Is Selling His Recorded Music Rights, Becomes Third Member of Fleetwood Mac to Sell Catalog

by Keeli Parkey

Mick Fleetwood is selling his recorded music rights, according to a report from Rolling Stone. The music legend is said to be selling his catalog to BMG. Music fans will know him as co-founder and drummer of the legendary band Fleetwood Mac.

According to the report by Rolling Stone, the sale will give BMG Fleetwood’s royalty share of his impressive catalog which includes 300 songs. Popular hits such as “Go Your Own Way,” “The Chain,” and “Dreams” are part of the catalog. The price of the sale has not been shared. It is reportedly the biggest purchase BMG has made in two years.

Mick Fleetwood is pleased with the sale, according to Rolling Stone. He has called it “a wonderfully inspiring marriage between two creative partners that understand all aspects” of music and the business that surrounds it, the publication is reporting. “Foremost, BMG understands the artistry and puts the artist first,” Fleetwood said. “If this partnership is any indication of my past, and now future, working relationship with BMG, it’s that they truly ‘get it’.”

‘Dreams’ Gains Popularity

“Dreams” has become even more popular in recent months thanks to a viral TikTok. In the video, user Nathan Apodaca lip-syncs the song while riding his skateboard and drinking a bottle of cranberry juice. After his truck broke down on his way to work, Apodaca jumped on his skateboard and filmed the video.

Fleetwood recreated the viral video and posted it to TikTok. “@420doggface208 had it right,” Fleetwood posted. “Dreams and Cranberry just hits different.” Fleetwood’s bandmate Stevie Nicks, a singer and songwriter herself, also paid homage to the viral video on her TikTok page.

“Dreams” returning to prominence reportedly played a role in BMG wanting to acquire Fleetwood’s catalog, according to Rolling Stone.

In addition, music fans should expect BMG to acquire more catalogs, the publication is reporting. The magazine cites Justus Haerder, executive vice president of group strategy and M&A for BMG, as saying that the company will be looking into additional recorded music during 2021.

Mick Fleetwood Joins Lists of Artists Selling Rights

Mick Fleetwood isn’t the only music legend to sell part of all of his catalog. His Fleetwood Mac bandmates Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham have also catalog rights to another party.

Additionally, the legendary Neil Young recently sold half of the rights to his song catalog to Hipgnosis. The purchase, according to The Guardian, includes Young’s entire 1,180 song catalog. Hipgnosis will reportedly receive 50 percent of the worldwide copyright and income for an undisclosed amount.

The company, which is an investment firm, has also purchased the catalogs of Buckingham and producer Jimmy Iovine.

What makes Mick Fleetwood’s deal with BMG different is that he did not sell publishing rights, according to Rolling Stone. Instead, he sold the rights to his recorded music.

“Publishing rights pertain to songwriting and composition, while recorded rights relate to the actual recorded performance of the music,” Ethan Millman writes in the article for Rolling Stone. Publishing rights typically bring in more money when a song is licensed for use in a movie, television show, advertisement of video games. Recorded music rights are associated with downloads, streaming, and album sales.