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Mick Jagger Discusses Continuing Rolling Stones Tour in Wake of Charlie Watts Death

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jeff Hahne/Getty Images)

As the Rolling Stones continue their tour, they do so without their late drummer, Charlie Watts. Mick Jagger spoke about the tour recently. As they move forward, the memory of Watts stays with them, close to their hearts.

There have been a few fans that have said the continuation of the tour isn’t honoring Watts enough. However, for Mick Jagger, Watts wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Steve Jordan is filling in as a drummer on the tour and Jagger doesn’t believe that the doubters are a big group. When asked about how he responds to those messages and opinions he was frank.

“I don’t, really – I think you’re exaggerating. … Maybe one or two do (think that). But I don’t think that’s a movement.”

“When you’re a band for this long, it’s unlikely you won’t have any changes. Of course, this is probably the biggest one we’ve had. But we felt – and Charlie felt – that we should do this tour. We’d already postponed it by a year, and Charlie said to me, ‘You need to go out there. All the crew that have been out of work – you’re not gonna put them out of work again.’ So I think it was the right decision to keep going. The band still sounds great onstage, and everyone’s been really responsive at the couple of big shows we’ve done so far. They hold up signs saying, ‘We miss you, Charlie,’ and I miss him too.”

Before Watts passed, the band believed he was getting better in regards to his illness. They had seen him in the hospital. In fact, the drummer stayed in the same suite he did when he was treated for cancer in 2000.

Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones Remember Charlie Watts

Ron Wood told the LA Times about seeing his friend.

“We watched horse racing on TV and just shot the breeze. I could tell he was pretty tired and fed up with the whole deal. He said ‘I was really hoping to be out of here by now,’ then after that, there was a complication or two and I wasn’t allowed back. No one was.”

As for Keith Richards, he didn’t have much to say about Watts and his passing. He kept things short. “I’m still trying to put it together in my head. I don’t think I can be very erudite on Charlie at the moment.”

Right now, there is an unfinished album out there that the band is attempting to work on. It would be their first new album with new material since 2005. Fans should be extra excited because Charlie Watts himself had laid down parts for multiple songs. Mick Jagger and the band are excited about the new release in the future.