Mick Jagger’s Nashville Visit Apparently Included a Mechanical Bull at a Bachelorette Party

by Jonathan Howard

If you are partying in Nashville anytime soon, then keep your eyes out. Mick Jagger might just crash your party. Whether you are singing karaoke in Printers Alley or on a pedal tavern.

Even at 78-years-old, Jagger has been having himself a time in Music City. When you are a legendary rock star, you make your own fun. That means wandering the city and seeing what fun you can find.

“I went to Printers Alley and sang ‘Honky Tonk Women’ in a karaoke bar. I crashed a bachelorette party on a pedal tavern. They loved my Goo Goo Clusters. We all ended up at the Wild Beaver riding a mechanical bull.”

The Rolling Stones frontman even posted some photos and things to Twitter.

Getting to see Mick Jagger belt out a country tune isn’t something one gets to see every day. It is even funnier that he did all of this largely undetected. Just one of the biggest superstars to ever live walking around one of music’s best cities performing at random.

The Rolling Stones are touring, without the late Charlie Watts. It appears that Jagger is getting to know these cities very well on the way. Perhaps he will be found on the streets of Chicago eating a shaved beef, dipped. Who knows, but if he’s in your town, just keep your eyes open. You never know who might show up to your next karaoke night.

Mick Jagger Remains Anonymous as Rolling Stones Tour

This isn’t the first city where Mick Jagger has popped up at a random bar, unnoticed. Charlotte, North Carolina didn’t notice the singer while he was at Thirsty Beaver Saloon. He sipped a beer and remained anonymous as the patrons around continued their conversations.

“Oh no, we’re making fun of them,” the bar owner said about his patrons. “They’ll pay $400 for a ticket on the floor, but they don’t recognize Mick Jagger when he walks in the door.”

Do you think that a 35-year-old Jagger ever imagined being able to walk around in public like this unnoticed? It really is remarkable when you think about it. However, regardless of the random popups, the tour goes on.

The Rolling Stones have continued their No Filter Tour without the late Charlie Watts. Mick Jagger says that this is just what Watts would have wanted. He even said that his drummer insisted that they continue the tour. It has gone well so far and continues to move on.

“When you’re a band for this long, it’s unlikely you won’t have any changes. Of course, this is probably the biggest one we’ve had. But we felt – and Charlie Felt – that we should do this tour,” Mick Jagger said about the tour.