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Mick Jagger Pops Up All Over Dallas Before Rolling Stones Show at Cotton Bowl

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)

People, check if the Rolling Stones are coming to your city. Because Mick Jagger keeps popping up at places without anyone paying attention. Imagine running into the British rocker while having a couple of beers.

While we aren’t sure if he was noticed or not, Jagger has a habit of going incognito lately. Nashvillians completely looked past the musician when he was in town. It is now a bit of a running joke. These latest pictures were taken during the day. The singer took in some sights before he takes the stage at the Cotton Bowl.

Check out these great pics below. Jagger looks like a tourist, but he seems to be having a good time at 78-years-old.

“Out and about Dallas today, looking forward to seeing you all @cottonbowlstad tomorrow night!” the post reads.

He got a photo op over by a mural in Dallas. Very modern and Instagram influencer of Mick Jagger in that first picture. Then, he got his picture taken in front of the Cotton Bowl where he is set to play. While he was in town he hit up the African American Museum in Dallas as well. It looks like he is enjoying himself down in Texas.

The Rolling Stones frontman has been seeing the sights on this tour. The No Filter Tour could be the last ever. It looks like Jagger is making sure to take in every date and every experience. It is wonderful to see him have such a good time. After years of hyper-fame and being easily recognizable, it seems that the singer can enjoy moments more now. If he can go to a bar without being noticed by fans with tickets to his show, then he has finally gotten some privacy. How funny.

Mick Jagger Says He Rode A Mechanical Bull in Nashville

Back at the beginning of October, Mick Jagger was spotted in Nashville. Well, he wasn’t really. But, he recorded some great videos and snapped some great pics. He went so incognito that even he was surprised. He thought he would have some fun in Music City and did he make the most of it.

Part of that fun, off stage at least, includes crashing parties. Nashville is notorious at this point for bachelorette parties and pedal taverns. Jagger claims he crashed just such an event and rode around Broadway with a group. Then, he says he went down to Printers Alley and sang karaoke. His song of choice? Honky Tonk Women.

If Mick Jagger came into the bar I was at and belted out a country song I just might die. I sure wouldn’t believe it even if I saw it with my own two eyes. The artist continues to surprise fans.