Mick Jagger Went to a Bar, and His Diehard Fans Didn’t Even Recognize Him

by Keeli Parkey

For decades, Mick Jagger has been one of the most famous rock stars in the entire world. Thanks to his years as the lead singer of the Rolling Stones, the 78-year-old rocker continues to be a very recognizable face.

Well, at least to most people.

See, Jagger recently visited a bar in the southeastern United States. And instead of being overwhelmed by fans wanting an autograph or to take a picture with him – or both – the singer went completely unnoticed.

Um, what? How does that happen? It’s Mick Jagger, for goodness sake!

Well, believe it or not, the Rolling Stones frontman was able to have a quiet drink in public this week. According to the Charlotte Observer, Jagger and his bandmates traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina, to perform a show as part of their “No Filter” tour. It’s their first tour since the death of their beloved drummer Charlie Watts.

Mick Jagger and company were already in the Queen City on Wednesday, Sept. 29. Their show there will take place tonight (Thursday, Sept. 30). With an evening free from the concert stage, Jagger apparently decided to go out and have a drink.

The Charlotte Bar Mick Jagger Decide to Visit Was the Thirty Beaver Saloon

His chosen venue was a bar known as the Thirsty Beaver Saloon, which is located on the city’s Central Avenue. Jagger was wearing a baseball hat, so maybe that explains why he wasn’t spotted. Or not. Who knows? Maybe the singer was recognized and some fans decided to respect his privacy and allow him to do something he probably doesn’t get to do that often. Namely, have a quiet drink alone in a public space.

What makes the situation even more humorous is that Mick Jagger tweeted a photo of himself at the Thirsty Beaver Saloon. “Out and about last night in Charlotte, NC,” he shared on Thursday.

Bartender Who Served the Rockstar Gets Teased by Coworkers

Also, what’s absolutely amazing about the photo is that none of the patrons who are pictured in it have a look on their faces that says, “Holy cow! That’s Mick Jagger having a beer just a few feet away from me!” Had most of us noticed Jagger, chances are we would have been stopped short in our tracks.

Instead, the Rolling Stones legend is just another dude enjoying a beer in what looks like a very cool bar. The bar’s co-owner, Brian Wilson, has since confirmed that Jagger and his team did not rent out the bar for a private event or anything like that. The singer apparently just came in to have a drink.

Also, a bartender at the Thirsty Beaver Saloon did realize that Mick Jagger had visited the bar. Since then, the bartender has been teased by her coworkers. “C’mon, Hayley, the greatest rock ‘n’ roll legend of all time?” she has also been jokingly asked, according to Wilson.