Mickey Rourke Calls Russia-Ukraine War ‘Nightmare Scenario,’ Prays for Putin

by Taylor Cunningham

During a recent interview, actor and former boxer Mickey Rourke called on Vladimir Putin to end the Russia-Ukraine war.

“When I pray at night, I pray, ‘Please, God, give, you know, let [Putin] find something inside his soul to just say, ‘OK, that’s it,'” he told Fox News Digital.

And unfortunately, Rourke thinks that prayers are the only thing that will help the worsening situation. During a separate interview with NewsMax, the Oscar-nominated star stressed that the tensions are too deeply rooted to end peacefully.

“I don’t really believe this thing can be settled diplomatically myself. Putin is very — he wants what he wants,” he said yesterday. “Ukraine is fighting harder than anyone expected them to fight. The Ukrainians are putting up such a hard fight. I don’t care if there’s two of them left, they’re going to fight ’til they’re dead. I was thinking about it a lot, and what came to me is the only thing that is going to stop this madness, when it’s the right time, it will be stopped from above, not from down here.”

Mickey Rourke Met Vladimir Putin While Travleing for a Boxing Match

The Wrestler actor actually met President Putin four years ago. During a trip to Russia, the two toured St. Petersburg together. And he noted that both Putin and the locals were friendly and welcoming.

“I had the time of my life,” he told Fox. “The people couldn’t have been nicer, more polite, more respectful.”

While there, Putin took Mickey Rourke to a “famous museum” and then to a children’s hospital. And he recalled being struck by the president’s reaction to the “really, really sick, little, tiny, tiny kids.”

“I looked over at him and I saw him and, nobody’s going to want to hear this, but I saw a man with empathy and who was really moved by what these children are going through,” remembered Rourke.

Mickey Rourke Says that Most Russian Citizens Don’t Know What’s Going on with the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Mickey Rourke also discussed the anger that people around the world are feeling towards Russian citizens.

When Putin launched a full-scale attack on Ukraine on February 24th, Ukraine sympathizers were quick to blame people of Russian descent. And the actor says that has to stop.

“You can’t hate every f—ing Russian cause most of them don’t know what’s going on,” he continued. “But I think I saw the side … that was different than the rest of the world sees, but I also see what’s going on now. So to me, it’s like a nightmare kind of scenario.”