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Mickey Rourke Defends Alec Baldwin After ‘Rust’ Shooting Involuntary Manslaughter Charges

by Taylor Cunningham
Mickey Rourke
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Mickey Rourke is defending Alec Baldwin following the news that the Santa Fe DA has decided to charge him with involuntary manslaughter over the 2021 Rust shooting that left one dead and one injured.

“I usually never put my 2 cents in about what happens on someone’s movie set,” Rourke wrote on Instagram. “It’s a terrible tragedy what happened to cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. But no way in hell actor Alec Baldwin should be charged with any negligence whatsoever.”

Baldwin was holding a prop gun that killed Halyna Hutchins and injured director Joel Souza. Baldwin was preparing to film a scene inside a church in Bonanza Creek Ranch near Santa Fe, N.M. at the time. The gun was supposed to be holding a blank, but Baldwin fired a real bullet. He maintains that he did not actually pull the trigger. Armorer, Hannah Gutierrez Reed, loaded the Colt. 45 that day. She will also face involuntary manslaughter charges. The defendants are both charged with two counts of involuntary manslaughter, and each count carries a sentence of up to 18 months in jail, according to Variety.

The First Judicial District Attorney in Santa Fe, Mary Carmack-Altwies, is also charging the two with an enhancement for use of a firearm, which brings a mandatory minimum sentence of five years.

Mickey Rourke Believes the ‘Rust’ Armorer was Responsible for Gun Safety, Not Alec Baldwin

Mickey Rourke believes that Alec Baldwin is blameless in the accident. And he sympathizes with him as an actor who has himself been in situations that could have been deadly had a responsible armorer not been on set.

Rourke claimed that “most actors” don’t have basic gun knowledge, especially if they aren’t gun owners in their personal lives. And because Baldwin didn’t own or bring the actual weapon to the set, he couldn’t have known it was holding a live bullet.

The Sin City actor explained that the armorer is completely responsible for gun safety. And Baldwin was right to trust that Gutierrez Reed had the situation under control.

“The actor…has an option of dry firing the gun him or himself to double check,” Rourke continued. “[No way] in hell should Alec Baldwin be blamed for this unfortunate tragedy. Why the powers to be charging Baldwin with this responsibility is terribly wrong. I am sure Alec is already suffering enough over what happened. But to lay a blame on him is terribly terribly wrong.”

“With my deepest condolences to Halyna Hutchins, to her family, and her friends,” he added.

In a statement to Deadline, Baldwin’s attorney, Luke Nikas, agreed with Rourke’s opinion that Baldwin “had no reason to believe” that the revolved held a live bullet. The actor relied on a professional to handle the matter. And she “assured him the gun did not have live rounds.”