Mike Rowe Announces a New Batch of His Knobel Whiskey With Proceeds Going to Scholarship Fund

by Megan Molseed
(Photo By Liz Hafalia/The San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images)

Dirty Jobs star Mike Rowe knows a lot of things about a lot of topics. And, Rowe’s latest venture takes the television host into the world of whiskey — a venture that has proved to be wildly successful for the Discovery Channel star. So successful, in fact, that the first batch of his Knobel Tennessee Whiskey sold out months earlier than the whiskey producer had planned!

However, Knobel Tennessee Whiskey fans need not worry that the smooth spirits will become hard to find in the coming weeks since Mike Rowe has a brand new batch of Knobel Tennesse Whiskey is on its way. And, according to Rowe’s recent Twitter post, this batch of Knobel whiskey is a little extra special since proceeds generated from this batch will be going towards the Mike Rowe Works (MRW) scholarship fund.

“It’s official,” Mike Rowe writes in a Saturday tweet.

“Knobel makes a day at the beach fly by,” the television host continues in the weekend tweet.

“Just got another allotment at http://knobelspirits.com,” he continues. “Proceeds benefit the MRW scholarship fund.”

And, Mike Rowe notes in the tweet, much like the initial batch of his whiskey brand, this latest run will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. And, the television host adds, this whiskey is quite delicious!

“First come first served,” Mike Rowe writes in the April 9 Twitter post. “PS. It’s delicious.”

Mike Rowe’s Knobel Tennesse Whiskey Is Inspired By the Host’s Beloved Grandpa Carl Knobel

Mike Rowe is famous for his dedicated work ethic and his willingness to work hard at the jobs many would avoid. This work ethic, the Dirty Jobs star says, is one he learned from his grandfather, Carl Knobel. Rowe has said that his grandfather had a talent for handyman work. Knobel, Rowe says, could fix almost anything. Rowe remembers growing up next door to his grandfather and watching him take on almost any project, facing each challenge head-on.

In fact, Rowe shares some big lessons he learned from his grandfather Carl Knobel on the Knobel Tennesee Whiskey’s website. “God gave me a toolbox, Mike,” read the wise words on the website.

“He gave you one, too,” Rowe remembers his grandfather telling him.

“But he didn’t give us the same one,” the message adds. “Have a look inside your own toolbox.”

These words stuck with Rowe throughout the years. It is a lesson, Rowe says, that has made an impact on his own life. So, when deciding on his whiskey brand, it only made sense to Rowe to honor Carl Knobel and his wise words through the brand. And, Carl Knobel is also the perfect inspiration for the whiskey’s meaningful slogan: “Work hard. Play fair. Be Knobel.”