Mike Rowe Celebrates His ‘Grandfather’s Whiskey Hitting Liquor Store Shelves in Baltimore: PHOTOS

by Taylor Cunningham

Mike Rowe’s Knobel Spirits whiskey is finally available in stores across the country. And the Dirty Jobs host is celebrating the milestone.

On Twitter, Rowe posted a few pictures of the bottles on display at Harborview Liquor Store in Baltimore, Maryland. As he explained in the caption, he visited the shop yesterday (Sept. 17) “to celebrate the fact” that his “grandfather’s whiskey is finally starting to make it onto the shelves of America’s finest liquor stores.” And he added that he likes “the way it looked.”

In four snapshots, the 60-year-old posed with a few of the sleek, simple bottles and with the special someone who is selling the whiskey to customers.

Mike Rowe’s Knobel Whiskey is a Tribute to His Grandfather

The brand was inspired by Mike Rowe’s whiskey-loving grandfather, Carl Knobel. Rowe explained on the official website that Knobel was his hero when he was a child—and still is today. His grandfather had a seemingly magical “mechanical mind” and could build or fix anything intuitively.

As Rowe grew up, he wanted to be just like his grandfather. But by high school, he realized that the “handy gene” was “recessive” when all of his hand-built projects failed. However, his grandfather didn’t let him get down on himself about it. Instead, he said, “God gave me a toolbox, Mike. He gave you one, too, But he didn’t give us the same one. Have a look inside your own toolbox.”

That sentiment led Mike Rowe to become the TV phenom he is today. So when he created Knobel Whiskey, he dedicated each bottle to “people like pop.”

The whiskey went live online this past Christmas. But it’s only now making its rounds through brick and mortars. The Discovery Channel host announced the news via Instagram and also included that the sales will benefit a cause close to his heart.

“The whiskey is here,” he wrote. “We’ve had some supply chain issues. But at long last, Knobel Tennessee Whiskey is here and I am in a celebratory mood. So perhaps you’ll join me in a virtual drink. Carl Knobel was my granddad, and Dirty Jobs was a tribute to him. So, too, was Mike Rowe WORKS. So, 100 percent of the net proceeds go to the Mike Rowe WORKS Foundation when you buy a bottle of Knobel.”

The WORKS foundation helps to fund high school graduates who choose to skip a four-year degree so they can learn a trade instead. Rowe founded the program in 2008, and it has since given more than $5 million in scholarships to future blue-collar workers.

2022 was the organization’s most generous year yet. Through “generous” donations, Mike Rowe’s WORKS was able to split $1.5 million between 250 recipients.

If you or someone you know would like to apply for a 2023 scholarship, head to Rowe’s website for more information.