Mike Rowe Celebrates ‘National Hug a Plumber’ Day With Awesome New Video

by Katie Maloney

Mike Rowe is once again hyping the everyman in his latest Instagram video.

Since his television debut in 2003, Mike Rowe has always found creative ways to support America’s most under-appreciated workers. And his most recent Instagram post is no different. Rowe shared a video in celebration of “National Hug A Plumber Day.”

Along with the video, Mike Rowe wrote, “Surfs up. People You Should Know. Today is National Hug a Plumber Day. It occurred to me, what with all the social distancing still going on, that hugging might not be the best way to express our collective appreciation for the men and women who look after our pipes. So I made this instead, which you’re officially invited to watch and share.”

Mike Rowe Hilariously Celebrates Plumbers Everywhere in Latest Video

During the video, Mike Row introduces his fans to a guy named Henry Kay.

“Henry loves to surf. He manages to catch some waves just about every day,” said Rowe. “Now, is he the greatest surfer of all time? No. That would be Laird Hamilton.”

Rowe cuts to clips of Laird Hamilton, who worked as both a model and surfer for decades. Hamilton’s surfing skills appeared in movies including North Shore and Moving Target. He even worked as Kevin Costner‘s stunt double for the 1995 movie Waterworld

“But what would you think if I told you that Henry Kay was actually more skilled than Laird Hamilton?” asked Mike Rowe. “Henry Kay is much more than a surfer, he’s also a plumber. As the sole proprietor of Pierside Plumbing, Henry Kay cruises up and down the California coast putting his skills to work, solving problems, and doing things in a pipeline that Laird Hamilton has never attempted.”

Rowe added that, because Kay owns his own business he has all the time he needs to surf and enjoy life.

“Because Henry Kay can set his own schedule, he has plenty of time to surf, or fish…or hang out with his daughter Sophia. In other words, Henry Kaye lives a balanced life. And you can too,” said Rowe.

Mike Rowe then shared information about his own organization aimed to provide scholarships for people looking to learn skills and enter the workforce.

“That’s why the Mike Rowe Foundation is once again offering one million dollars of work ethic scholarships to help train the next generation of skilled works,” said Rower. “Apply at mikeroweworks.com and see what happens when you master a skill that’s in demand.”

Rowe then cut to clips of a Laird Hamilton fragrance commercial and joked, “I’m not saying you’ll end up starring in your own fragrance commercial. But, then again, you never know.”