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Mike Rowe Criticizes America’s ‘Educational System’ for Not Showing ‘All of the Opportunities’ Available in Work Force

by TK Sanders

Former Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe knows what it takes to keep America running behind the scenes and under the hood. In an era where the average teen either wants to be social media famous or take out a quarter million dollars in loans, Rowe recognizes the value in a road less-traveled.

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Lately, both publicly and as a new career for himself, Rowe has strongly advocated for alternative career paths that do not rely on four-year degrees. And because the notion of ‘going to college’ is so deeply ingrained in this country, he often hears a lot of pushback from people who don’t see the nuance of Rowe’s mission.

In a recent tweet, Rowe released a new promo video for his scholarship fund that helps pay for trade training for young people entering the workforce.

“Because I’ve made a case for trade schools a lot of people assume I’m opposed to four-year diplomas and other forms of so-called “higher education.” I’m not,” the caption reads. “I’m opposed to the idea that a college degree is the best path for the most people.”

Mike Rowe knows the country runs smoothly thanks to blue collar workers behind the scene

In the video, Rowe explains that the modern educational system has a serious “opportunity” flaw.

“Our educational system is not doing a great job of showing kids all of the opportunities that are available. Especially those that don’t require a four-year degree. Our basic complaint is with the cookie-cutter advice. That [advice] says, ‘the best path for the most people is the most expensive path,'” Rowe said.

He goes on to point out that skilled labor training in a field with high demand is the surest way to guarantee success without needing a traditional four-year degree.

“We take exception to that, and push back against it as best we can. At Mike Rowe Works, we don’t believe an expensive four-year degree is the only path to success. We believe that hard work, combined with the mastery of a skill that’s in-demand, can still lead to a prosperous career,” Rowe said.

Mike then goes on to proclaim that his scholarship fund has already helped thousands of kids get started. He finds them lucrative trade careers that also didn’t require a college degree.

“We don’t just believe it, we know it. We’ve already helped over 1,500 men and women get the training they need, and we’re just getting started. Apply today for a work ethic scholarship at MikeRoweWorks.org, and see where it takes you,” Rowe concluded.

Many folks in the comment section agreed with Rowe, telling stories of their own in-demand careers thanks to trade work. The theme is always the same. Anyone with work ethic and a willingness to learn can make a fantastic income. Which often leads to higher levels of success at younger ages than their peers.