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Mike Rowe Explained the Type of People His Shows Look For

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

For years, Mike Rowe has dedicated his professional life to showcasing the men and women who make their living at jobs many other people would never want to do. Over the years, Rowe has hosted “Dirty Jobs,” “Somebody’s Gotta Do It,” and most recently, “How America Works.”

While the highlighted jobs themselves bring in interested viewers, it is the people who perform those jobs who are the real stars of the show. So, picking the right people to showcase on his shows has been an important part of making the shows successful over the years.

Mike Rowe talked about his process during a 2014 interview with The Ripon Society. One factor the people featured on “Dirty Jobs” by the television personality and company share is a love for what they do, according to the now 59-year-old.

“Here, I’m looking for people who are on a mission, quixotic or not. I’m looking for people who, for reasons known unto them, have dedicated their life to a passion. It could be a vocation. It could also be an avocation,” Rowe explained.

Mike Rowe Said He Wants to Know What Makes the People He Showcases ‘Tick’

The individuals who Mike Rowe said he wants to showcase came to their chosen professions for many reasons. Some of these reasons have been very unique. And it’s these reasons that make these people interesting to the popular television host.

“It could be a hobby that got completely out of hand, and it could be the guy building Stonehenge in his backyard because he wants to prove aliens didn’t do it and can show you how the ancient people used 20 people to move a rock with nothing but a stick, a rope, and some marbles. He spends a year doing this, and I want to know him. I want to see what makes him tick,” Rowe also shared.

According to Mike Rowe, such interesting people are not difficult to find. And he also said that he has been lucky enough to meet many of them during his career.

“There are a lot of people like this. I’ve met a lot of them personally, and if everyone sat down and thought about it, they could probably make a list,” he also said.

And because showcasing such hard working people are his career mission, Mike Rowe said that he wants his viewers to get to know them. “I want to put them all together once a week and introduce the country to three or four of them at a time,” he also said.

Rowe also said that such people make his outlook on life more positive – and more entertaining. “Whether they’re mad scientists or bloody do-gooders, they make me laugh and they give me hope. And I want to meet them,” he added.