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Mike Rowe Shares ‘Fridays with Freddy’ Post of Pup Wearing a Cone

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

It’s another day in the life of Freddy — the adopted little pup of Dirty Jobs star Mike Rowe. And while most days are good days, this one wasn’t quite as happy.

We all love Mike Rowe for his iconic role on the Discovery Channel show, Dirty Jobs. If you may recall, the series follows Rowe as he goes all around the country to highlight the folks who do some of the dirtiest and most under-appreciated jobs out there. Rowe places himself in the trenches right alongside the men and women who work these jobs.

It probably goes without saying that Mike Rowe is an all-around great guy. Not only does he shine a light on some of America’s hardest workers, but he also has a soft spot for animals.

For those who don’t know, Mike Rowe rescued a homeless puppy that was living on the streets of San Francisco. Nowadays, though, Freddy has a brand new home, a brand new name, and a brand new human. That means he is safe and sound in his new home and he is getting regular meals which were an afterthought not that long ago.

Mike Rowe Latest Installment of ‘Fridays with Freddy’

Rowe has started the hilarious segment on his official Instagram account called “Fridays with Freddy.” In the weekly posts, we get to hear what life is like from Freddy’s point of view. We learn all about his thoughts about his new life, his views on the world, and other random adventures he sets out on.

But on Saturday, Freddy wasn’t his same happy, tail-wagging self. As a matter of fact, fans saw the latest photo of Freddy and he was sporting a cone of shame. Now, we aren’t 100-percent sure if Freddy had surgery, or what exactly happened. But either way, there is something going on that Freddy needs to be stopped from licking himself.

Even the Dirty Jobs star can be seen in the corner of the hilarious photo. Take a look for yourself down below:

“Fridays With Freddy,” Rowe captioned the photo. “I can live with the shame. But not licking myself for two weeks is a lot to ask. Freddy.”

Fans of Mike Rowe and his cute dog took to the comments as they usually do to make Freddy feel a little bit better. Not only that, but some fans took a moment to make a joke or two as well.

“My dog just did 10 daycare in one of those,” one person said. “May the force be with you.”

“All fun and games until someone ends up in a cone,” another follower replied.

And finally, one fan had some hilarious advice. They commented saying, “Tell him not to look up when it rains…”