Mike Rowe Has a ‘Gently Used’ Plane He Wants to Sell You in Hilarious New Pic

by Suzanne Halliburton
Manny Carabel/Getty Images

We’re assuming Mike Rowe is kidding about this great deal.

But if you’re in the market for a used plane, boy does he have a deal for you. Mike Rowe pitched it on his Instagram: “For Sale. Gently used. Best offer.”

Take a look:

Maybe Mike Rowe stumbled across the plane when he was filming his new Fox Business Network How America Works. Rowe narrates the hour-long series, which showcases Americans who work around the clock to support this country’s infrastructure.

He loves to show how people are connected. And in this series, he provides more details on jobs off fishermen or oil-field workers. Those jobs still needed to be done during the Covid-19 pandemic to keep the country going.

“Essential work has become headline news again,” Mike Rowe told The Hollywood Reporter. “And with it, a heightened interest, I think, in the way we are all connected and the way with all these jobs really do keep civilized life on the rails. The essential challenge is to magnify that which is out of sight and therefore out of mind.”

The 59-year-old Rowe developed a cult following with his show, Dirty Jobs. In his heart, he knew what it took for a hard day’s work. He was authentic and people loved him for it. And earlier this year, Discovery revealed plans to reboot the show.

The show “wasn’t a lecture, it wasn’t a sermon, ” Mike Rowe told The Hollywood Reporter earlier this year. “It was an honest look in the day on the job not of a host, but as a guest. I was basically an avatar on that show.”

Rowe already had a series with Discovery called Six Degrees with Mike Rowe. It’s a multi-layered look at a number of subjects.

“I always like the idea of an interdisciplinary look at history, technology, science, and the surprising ways we’re all connected,” Rowe said. “But I’m not nearly smart enough to pull off that level of eruditeness so I just reduced his idea to a parlor game. It’s Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon and the challenge now is to connect to seemingly disparate points and I still walk through time like James Burk, but I also have access to any other production device that might fit my budget.”

Now, let’s circle back to Rowe’s latest Instagram post to his 1.2 million followers. Any takers for the plane? That would be no, but there were lots of jokes.

One fan wrote “the plane or the guy? One looks gently used but the other looks torn the hell up.” (The woman didn’t specify if Mike Rowe was the gently used one.)

Another replied: “Little bit of duct tape will fix that right up.”