Mike Rowe Is Getting Dirty in Latest Post Wishing He ‘Had a Mask On’

by Keeli Parkey

Television personality Mike Rowe is best known for getting down and dirty on the job. But, his latest “dirty job” might have just topped all the ones that came before it.

(DISCLAIMER: If you are sensitive to the sight of blood, you might want to avoid looking at the picture included with this article below.)

On Wednesday (May 12), the “Dirty Jobs” series host posted a pretty gruesome photo. This photo is definitely not for the faint of heart. In it, he is in full surgical gear and appears to be performing surgery on a patient. If that wasn’t gruesome enough, blood is squirting into Rowe’s -maskless- face and onto his surgical gear.

It’s not a pleasant sight. Not at all. However, that’s what Mike Rowe does. He shows us the down and dirty jobs that only a few people are brave enough to tackle each and every day.

In keeping with tradition, Mike Rowe shared one of the “dirtiest” – and probably most stressful – jobs in the world. That job is performing surgery. And, based on the photo he posted to Instagram on May 12, it is a very dirty job indeed. It’s also one that really needs you to wear a mask.

While wearing a mask is something most of us are very familiar with these days thanks to COVID-19, Mike Rowe wasn’t wearing one when he performed this surgery. However, according to his Instagram caption, he really regrets not having one on while he treated this patient.

“First time in a year I wish I had a mask on. More later. Mike,” the television personality shared on social media. He later added “#dirtyjobs #surgery” to accompany the very bloody photo.

Fans – and those who can tolerate the sight of so much blood – will just have to wait and see what Rowe plans to share “later.” In the meantime, the photo of his bloody surgical experience can be viewed below.

Mike Rowe Shares His New Look Via Instagram

Before he posted a photo of him getting down and dirty – and bloody – in surgery, Mike Rowe showed fans his new look.

That new looked included a mustache and – at least temporarily – a cowboy hat. Along with the new look and its accompanying photo, Rowe shared a very funny exchange he had with someone regarding his style.

“Hi Mike. May I be blunt? Lose the beard. It’s OK, but not an improvement,” Rowe posted. “A mustache however could be very interesting on you. I know that they are out of style, and a bit porn-starish, but you have the right jawline and facial features to pull it off. Plus, they look great with a cowboy hat, which I’ve seen you wear from time to time. For what it’s worth, I’m a professional photographer, and a former stylist. I know what I’m talking about. You’re welcome! Simone Ruston.”

“Hi Simone. As a former porn star, how can I say no to a former stylist? Boom-chick-a-wah-wah…”

Who knows what Mike Rowe will get up to next. But whatever it is, it will probably be dirty – and entertaining.