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Mike Rowe Giving Fans a Thanksgiving Treat Thanks to ‘Unexpected’ Guest

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

On Friday (November 26th), Dirty Jobs star Mike Rowe took to his Instagram account to give fans a special Thanksgiving treat with an “expected” guest.

“Fans of The Way I Heard It will be delighted, possibly, to learn that the producer, Chuck, has crashed another Thanksgiving at my home,” Mike Rowe declared. He also recalled that one year ago the format of the podcast was changed entirely.

“To celebrate, Chuck and I will be answering any of your podcast related questions on this week’s episode,” Mike Rowe continued. “If all goes as planned.”

Rowe then wrote if listeners have no podcast related questions, just ask questions. He’ll attempt to answer them on the upcoming week’s episodes. He added, “Out of 2.4 million podcasts, Chuck has just informed me that we are number 147. Clearly, we will celebrate anything.”

Through his podcast, The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe, Rowe offers his own take on a variety of topics. The podcast’s website states that he offers his thoughts on pop culture and politics. As well as the history of Hollywood.

The podcast’s description reads, “Delivered with Mike’s signature blend of charm, wit, and ingenuity, these stories are part of a larger mosaic. Full of surprising revelations, sharp observations, and intimate, behind-the-scenes moments drawn from Mike’s own life and career.”

Mike Rowe Says the State of Skill Trades In the U.S. is Concerning

During a 2020 interview with Family Handyman, Mike Rowe revealed why he thinks the state of skill trades in the U.S. is actually pretty concerning. “We have 7.3 million open jobs right now. Most of which don’t require a four-year degree. They require training. They require skill and they require a willingness to master a trade that’s in demand.”

Rowe then said the challenge with filling those open jobs is the mindset that promotes college education over apprenticeships and training. “On one hand, it’s a representation of limitless opportunity. On the other hand, it’s a reflection of what we value. At the moment, we don’t seem to be valuing the pursuit of a useful skill.”

The Dirty Jobs host said his goal is not to disparage college education. He does admit that college is a perfect fit for some people. But it’s not the right path for everyone. “We just spent 50 years telling basically everybody that the best path for the most people was a four-year degree,” Rowe explained.

 He then noted that the best path for a kid who cannot afford the degree. Or whose brain isn’t hardwired to Mideastern studies. Or business development might not be borrowing $80,000 to learn a skill that’s not in demand.