Mike Rowe and John Rich’s ‘Santa’s Got a Dirty Job’ Hits No. 1 on Streaming Platform

by Amy Myers
(Photo By Lea Suzuki/The San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images)

With his new Christmas song, rebooted show and family whiskey, Mike Rowe is having a pretty eventful holiday season. Recently, the Dirty Jobs host has made headlines for his hit holiday song, “Santa’s Got a Dirty Job,” and it’s pretty catchy. In fact, the tune with John Rich has climbed national music charts since they released it just last week.

To celebrate all of his recent developments, Mike Rowe hopped onto Instagram to give fans an update.

“I’m having a pretty good day. For starters, Dirty Jobs is coming back… I just looked at some of the footage. It’s phenomenal. Secondly, this goofy song, ‘Santa’s Got a Dirty Job,’ number one in the country… like, all genres, for the last three days,” Rowe said. “Point is, 100 percent of the net proceeds go to the Mike Rowe Works Foundation and Folds of Honor.”

MRWF is, of course, Rowe’s own foundation that supports the integration of trade skills into educational systems. Meanwhile, Folds of Honor, an organization that Rich often works with, helps supply scholarships to the families of fallen heroes.

“So, if you haven’t downloaded this thing yet, do it,” he continued. “Apologies in advance, it will get stuck in your crawl.”

He also expressed his surprise that his “goofy song” had even topped Adele’s new hit.

“Strange days indeed,” Mike Rowe added in his caption.

Mike Rowe Has Been Bitten by the Charity Bug

The new Christmas song isn’t Rowe’s only charitable action this holiday season. His grandfather’s whiskey, Knobel, had finally arrived after a slew of “supply chain issues” delayed the delivery. Thankfully, though, the proud grandson was finally able to take a sip from the bottle himself after the long wait. And since the Dirty Jobs star was in a “celebratory mood,” he decided to uncork the bottle and pour a couple of fingers during the video.

“Carl Knobel was my granddad, and Dirty Jobs was a tribute to him, so, too was Mike Rowe Works,” Mike Rowe explained as he served himself a drink.

Naturally, because the whiskey was in honor of his grandfather, 100 percent of the proceeds from the spirit will go to Mike Rowe Works Foundation. Rowe shared that, hopefully, along with the bottles, fans will be able to purchase the gift sets that he is organizing as well.

“In the meantime,” Rowe said, raising his glass, “Here’s to John Rich. Here’s to the Oak Ridge Boys. Here’s to you for downloading this song, and here’s to my Pop for inspiring the whole kit and caboodle… Having said all that, is this a great country, or what?”

“It is, for the record,” he concluded.