Mike Rowe Looks Back on Narrating TV Shows and Movie Trailers in Hilarious New Post

by Clayton Edwards

Mike Rowe is a man of many talents. He hosts some of the best reality television programs on the air. Rowe is also the voice of several shows. He has even appeared on Tim Allen’s hit show Last Man Standing. When it comes to television, it seems like there isn’t much the Dirty Jobs host can’t do.

When Mike Rowe isn’t out getting his hands dirty alongside those who do some of the dirtiest and hardest jobs imaginable, he’s right at home in a recording booth. You can hear Rowe’s voice on several past and current shows on both the Discovery and SyFy channels. For instance, he has flexed his narration skills on shows like Ghost Hunters, American Hot Rod, American Chopper, and Deadliest Catch just to name a few.

Mike Rowe also served as narrator on the Discovery Channel series Bering Sea Gold. He has narrated the show since 2013 according to IMDb. With a new season of the show just hours away, Rowe is taking a moment to look back on his years as the voice of BSG and sharing his first impressions.

A new season of Bering Sea Gold kicks off tonight on the Discovery Channel. Mike Rowe took to Instagram to share a teaser for the upcoming season as well as a few words about his time working on the show. In the caption of the post, Rowe says that he remembers thinking the series, “could have been a horror movie,” when he narrated the first episode. Seeing the miners jump through holes in the ice to collect gold chilled Rowe. Now, years later, he narrated a teaser for the series that is fit for a horror film.

Mike Rowe Looks Back at Narrating Career

If you’re a fan of horror movies or have seen enough horror movie trailers, you know that Mike Rowe is on the money with this teaser. If you ignored the visuals, you could almost believe it was an ad for an upcoming creature feature with some kind of horrible monster crawling out of the depths of the ocean.

To make things better, the teaser is for the thirteenth season of Bering Sea Gold. Whether that had anything to do with the monster-themed teaser narration or not is unknown. Even if it’s just a happy accident, it’s still pretty cool.

There is a solid reason why this teaser sounds like a movie trailer from days gone by. Mike Rowe closes the caption with “P.S. Yeah I used to do movie trailers back in the day. It was a simpler time…”

You can watch the first episode of the new season of Bering Sea Gold tonight at 9 on the Discovery Channel or you can stream it whenever you want on Discovery+.