Mike Rowe Net Worth: Here’s How Much the ‘Dirty Jobs’ Host Is Worth

by Megan Molseed
(Photo By Liz Hafalia/The San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images)

Mike Rowe has made a career out of putting himself into some pretty dirty situations. With his easily recognizable baritone voice, the host of Dirty Jobs has gained quite the following – delving into the Discovery Channel series exploring some of the country’s most difficult – and messy – jobs from coast to coast.

During his years on television, Mike Rowe has also made a career from his unique voice doing voice-over work on a variety of television shows. But his career began long-before Dirty Jobs. Rowe even sang opera with the Baltimore Opera when he was starting in the business. Quite a story of success, no doubt. But, where does this leave this baritone television personality when it comes to net-worth?

Mike Rowe’s Net Worth Lands Around $30 Million

It is estimated that the well-known television host’s total net worth falls at around $30 million. Of course, Rowe certainly found massive success as host on the Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs and a variety of other television shows since.

However, he has added to the success with multiple gigs as a voice-over artist and narrator. No doubt a source of success for the beloved television personality with the always recognizable voice.

From Performing La Bohème Professionally On Stage, To Gigs As A Sewer Inspector Or Snake Catcher – Mike Rowe Does It All!

When Mike Rowe was starting in the business, he figured the best place to start was in the opera. Specifically performing La Bohéme in the Baltimore Opera.

Yes, the Dirty Jobs host decided his best chance of breaking into the biz was by performing the timeless Italian aria onstage with the Baltimore Opera. This, Mike Rowe once told Kelly Clarkson in an interview, started simply as a means to break into the business. However, he soon grew to enjoy the opera gig.

“When I decided to get into the entertainment business, the opera represented a loop-hole,” Rowe explains during an interview on the Kelly Clarkson Show.

“If you can get into the opera you have your AGMA card (American Guild of Musical Arts),” the television host explains.

“And that lets you buy your screen actors guild card,” the television star continues. Rowe explains that before trying out for the opera he was stuck in a cycle where he couldn’t get on screen until he had his screen actors guild card. But, he couldn’t get the screen actor’s guild card because he wasn’t in the union. And, yep, you guessed it, he couldn’t get in the union because he wasn’t on television. So, he decided to “crash an audition for the Baltimore Opera.”

“Somehow they let me in!” the Dirty Jobs host quips.

It’s hard to believe the man we have all watched walk through – and clean – sewers; track down deadly snakes, and even a crime-scene cleaner, spent time professionally singing some of the world’s most complicated arias. But, isn’t it this ability to do almost anything one of the traits that we love most about Rowe?

Mike Rowe Builds Net Worth – Hitting It Big Working Hard On Some ‘Dirty Jobs’

Of course, Mike Rowe is probably most well-known by fans for his run as host of Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs. This series was soon followed by CNN’s Somebody’s Gotta Do It, and later the Facebook Watch series Returning the Favor.

The television host’s friendly and familiar personality is one viewers of all ages and stages can connect with. This, coupled with the star’s willingness to get down and dirty in some of the toughest, dirtiest, and scariest jobs in the world has led to Mike Rowe’s major success over the years.

Mike Rowe Has Been A Big Part of Some Other Favorite Shows

The Dirty Jobs host came onto the television scene as host of his own series. However, the host has also lent his memorable voice to several narrating opportunities on shows such as American Chopper, American Hot Rod, Deadliest Catch, How The Universe Works. Mike Rowe has also sharpened his acting chops offering his voice on one episode of American Dad!; and later appearing in the Tim Allen-led series, Last Man Standing.

Rowe has also become a sort of brand in-and-of-himself over the years. He has taken this fame and stepped in as a spokesperson for some famous companies. Among his commercial works is a stint working with Ford, Motorola, and Viva paper towels.