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Mike Rowe Has Perfect Reaction to Viral Article Slamming ‘Shark Week’ for Lack of ‘Diversity’

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Warner Bros. Discovery)

Mike Rowe issued a response to a recent Washington Post article that called out the Discovery Channel for overrepresenting “men named Mike” in its annual Shark Week event.

On Monday, Dec. 5, the publication blasted Discovery for featuring too many white males as experts and for pushing “negative messages” about sharks. The article highlighted observations made by Lisa Whitenack, a biology professor at Allegheny College. While she had several notable gripes, one, in particular, stood out to the Dirty Jobs host.

After leading a study, Whitenack found that there were more men named Mike featured in Shark Week since it began in 1987 than total women.

Mike Rowe is ‘Promoting Another Season of Dirty Jobs’

This morning (Dec 7), Rowe decided to chime in on the matter with an Instagram post.

“Good Morning,” he began. “As a white male named Mike who hosted Shark Week more than once, this headline caught my eye in the @washingtonpost.”

Along with the caption, the Emmy winner shared of photo of himself holding a laptop that displays the article’s title, ‘Shark Week’ Lacks Diversity, Overrepresents Men Named Mike, Scientists Say.

In his musing, Rowe took the opportunity to profit from the now viral attention.

“I saw it this morning, shortly after awakening in New York City, where I’ve come to promote another Season of Dirty Jobs, which as you may have heard, premieres this Sunday at 8 pm on Discovery.”

The Host Hopes Fans Share Their Thoughts in the Comment Section

The star admitted that he read the article before he had time to “formulate” a coherent and intelligent response. But “in the course of promoting a new season of Dirty Jobs, (Sunday at 8 pm on Discovery,), ” he suspected fans would soon ask him to share his thoughts on the headline.

“If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please leave them in the comments below,” he added. “Unless of course, you’re a white guy named Mike. I think we’ve all heard quite enough from you…”

The host simply signed his post with “Mike” and then openly wondered how his friend and fellow Shark Week host “Mike Tyson” is feeling about the article.

Several publications asked the Discovery Channel to weigh in on the criticism, but a representative told NBC Boston that it wouldn’t comment on a study because it has “yet to pass any scientific approvals.”

The authors published the preliminary results in 2021. According to Whitenack, it has since been subject to a scientific review.

“PS,” Mike Rowe added, “Dirty Jobs, as you may have heard, is back. Sundays at 8 pm.”