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Mike Rowe on Positive COVID Test: ‘Does Everyone You Know Have COVID?’

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

Last month, Mike Rowe tested positive for COVID 19. Recently, he discussed his experience with the virus and his views on the pandemic.

Mike Rowe’s discussion about the COVID-19 pandemic came during the latest episode of his podcast, ‘The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe.’ He posted the brief video on Instagram as a teaser. In the caption, he wrote, “Is it just me or are things moving and shifting very, very quickly? Is it just me or does everyone you know have COVID?” Cases are, in fact, soaring across the country. Even those with vaccines are getting the new variant. However, symptoms are mild for those people.

Rowe talked a little about his COVID diagnosis in the video as well. After going through a long list of things he has going on this year, Rowe casually mentioned the virus. “Did I mention I got COVID? I got the COVID. Mom’s got the COVID. Dad’s got the COVID.”

On his podcast, Rowe said that he tested positive for COVID on Christmas Eve. As a result, he spent the holidays in quarantine. Rowe said he had a dry cough and had a rough night’s sleep. So, he got tested because he was invited to a holiday party. Among the guests were friends of Mike Rowe’s who are going through chemotherapy and, as a result, have suppressed immune systems. Additionally, he knew some elderly people would be there. So, Rowe wanted to be responsible.

Overall, Rowe compared his COVID symptoms to a “hangover with a runny nose.”

Mike Rowe’s Views on COVID

While talking about the virus, Rowe noted that it’s impossible to talk about it without upsetting someone. At this point, the pandemic is a politicized issue on both sides of the fence. However, Rowe sees things in two ways. In this instance, he says, “two things can be true.”

On one hand, Mike Rowe believes that there are clear signs of government overreach in association with the pandemic. That overreach, he said, “created all kinds of problems for all kinds of people in lots of areas.” Additionally, Rowe believes that getting the virus is basically inevitable at this point. Furthermore, he thinks that most of us will come away from COVID just fine.

On the other hand, when he heard that his elderly at-risk parents who live in a retirement home tested positive it scared him. When he read the text from his mother, his “sphincter slammed shut,” he said.

“It’s safe to say I’m scared for my mom and dad. It’s safe to say that I’m scared for my friends around the corner who are fighting cancer… I’m scared in the places where I’m scared. I’m not scared in the other places.”