Mike Rowe Posts New Pic of Him ‘Sucking Rock’: ‘Yeah, It’s a Job’

by Emily Morgan

Mike Rowe is getting down and dirty in Music City. On Thursday, the “Dirty Jobs” star posted a pic of himself at what appears to be a construction site in Nashville. Nothing new for Rowe, considering he’s known to get gritty at various types of job sites. Yet his accompanying caption made us do a double-take. 

“Sucking rock in Nashville. Yeah, it’s a job…More later,” he wrote in the cryptic caption alongside the photo of himself in a hard hat and highlighter-yellow vest. 

While we have no idea what the term “sucking rock” means, but we’re sure Rowe will fill us in on all the details in his revamped, critically acclaimed show, “Dirty Jobs.” The Discovery Channel announced plans to revive one of the network’s most popular series. It will reportedly be back in production and returning to the airwaves later this year.

Fans Expected to See Rowe ‘Even Dirtier Than Before’

According to the channel’s website, fans will see Rowe “getting back to work and getting his hands even dirtier than before.” He’ll head to the deep South’s bayous as well as high up in the remote Badlands. While tackling each gruesome yet essential job, Rowe will accompany it with his candid and wry sense of humor we all have been missing. 

In addition, viewers will also see Rowe get front and center with some of the county’s most exciting wildlife, such as glowing scorpions and giant iguanas. According to the network, he’ll also be teaming up with the “next generation of hardworking men and women who have made civilized life possible.” 

Mike Rowe made his debut on “Dirty Jobs” beginning in 2005 until 2013. It had a short revival in the summer of 2020 with the limited series: “Dirty Jobs: Row’d Trip.” Rowe mentioned that the spin-off happened since the COVID-19 pandemic put a damper on plans to film episodes in the original format.

Simultaneously, he hosted another series titled “Somebody’s Gotta Do It” on CNN from 2014 to 2016. 

“Every now and then, the headlines catch up to a TV show and make it relevant in ways that no one imagined,” said Rowe in a statement. “With essential work in the news, it’s impossible not to think of ‘Dirty Jobs,’ and for the last year, people have asked me every day if the show would make a comeback. Today, I’m happy to say the answer is yes.”

The new season of “Dirty Jobs” is currently in production, with a premiere date set later in 2021.