Mike Rowe Posts ‘Proof of Life’ Video With Bandage, Splint on Nose After Undergoing Surgery

by Thad Mitchell

Television personality Mike Rowe says he is alive and well after a recent medical procedure forced him to withdraw from social media for a bit.

In a social media video he put out on Saturday, Mike Rowe says he is recovering nicely from his procedure. He humorously says the video is “proof of life” for his fans wondering where he has been. In the video, Rowe’s nose is heavily bandaged and also has a splint. A splint is typically used to support and immobilize a broken bone when it has been set. In the nine-minute social media clip, Mike Rowe says he is in good spirits and thanks fans for their well-wishes and thoughts.

In a previous video, Mike Rowe says the procedure was to “rebuild” his nose so that he could breathe easier through his right nostril.

“Proof of life,” he says in the post’s caption space. “Caroline Gadd writes…’Proof of life? Your fans are concerned, Michael, and you promised an update. Are you still among the living? Send up a flare or something.'”

Mike Rowe Updates Fans Following Medical Procedure

The Dirty Jobs host answers the fan’s question by posting the video and giving an update on his current health situation.

“Hi Caroline,” he says. “I’m short on flares at the moment. How about a video?”

Mike Rowe fans were quick to respond to his update, wishing the former opera singer a speedy recovery.

“This sounds like a dirty job!” a fan says. “Hope you feel better.”

Another fan says they had a similar operation in the past and tells Mike Rowe to “hang tight” in his recovery efforts.

“I got the same thing done 5 years ago,” the fan and Instagram user writes. “It felt like they took a spoon and scooped out the middle of my face. Took the stents out and he pulled out things so large I felt the back of my eyes! Hang tight buddy,”

In typical Mike Rowe fashion, he jokes about his bandaged nose, saying “you should see the other guy” which likely drew laughs from his social media followers.

“I’m fine,” he says emphatically to begin the video. “I apologize for not getting back to you guys earlier like I said I would. Circumstances conspired to delay my intended update.”

Now 59-years-old, Mike Rowe is most known as the host for the Discovery Channel hit series “Dirty Jobs.”

He is currently hosting a show produced for Facebook called “Returning the Favor.”