Mike Rowe Reflects on Filming at Indiana Farm Ahead of ‘Dirty Jobs’ Return

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images)

Though Mike Rowe is incredibly well-known now, his claim to fame is likely Dirty Jobs. Celebrating the show’s comeback in less than a week, he’s begun reflecting on memorable episodes, such as the time they filmed at an Indiana farm.

Taking his excitement to Instagram, Mike Rowe posted a brief minute-long clip today featuring old Dirty Jobs footage. Stating he’ll release short videos like this until the show premieres, today’s is among his favorites. Specifically, he recalled working on a farm in Indiana with the McCloskeys and their hospitality.

“I’ve shot a lot of promos over the years,” the caption begins. “Like, more than I can count. These, however, are among my favorites. Nothing flashy – just an honest look back at a simple show that changed cable television. I’ll share a new one everyday between now and 1/2/22, which, as you might have heard, is the return of Dirty Jobs…”

In the video, it’s easy to see why this remains one of his favorite locations to work. According to Rowe, the family refused to let him and the crew check into a hotel. Living in a big house, they welcomed everyone into their home for the duration of the episode. Not only that, but the McCloskeys fed everyone and even let Mike Rowe perform a C-section on a baby calf. I don’t think a lot of us can put that on our resumes.

Near the end of the video, Rowe jokes about how much of a leap of faith the show used to be. Getting a call from “Dirty Jobs” asking to film you work does sound a bit out of place, admittedly.

Nonetheless, Dirty Jobs is back and debuts on January 2 at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on Discovery.

Mike Rowe Said He Finds it ‘Unsettling’ Watching Old ‘Dirty Jobs’ Footage

Though Mike Rowe is celebrating Dirty Jobs’ return, it’s not all sunshine and roses for him. In fact, he admitted he finds it “unsettling” watching old footage of himself on the show.

Leading up to the new season of Dirty Jobs, Rowe has been fielding questions and posting clips to generate hype. One question he received and was amused by on Instagram asked if it was weird seeing himself in older episodes. Rowe said it was, to say the least, with “hell yes,” being his immediate response.

“hell yes, it’s weird,” the response begins. “Very weird. It’s not just that I’m younger, it’s that in many cases, I have no recollection of a specific scene or moment. It’s unsettling to see a version of yourself on the tube, and have no idea what you’re about to do or say…”

Having been on so many shows, it’s not surprising Rowe forgets some of the jobs he’s had. I imagine it is a bit jarring seeing a younger version of himself reacting to the interesting positions he often found himself in.