Mike Rowe Reveals One Condition Required for Him to ‘Probably Accept’ Hosting Gig on ‘Jeopardy!’

by Keeli Parkey

If you have been following entertainment news in recent weeks you will know that things over at “Jeopardy!” are – to put it mildly – not going so great. In the wake of the fallout from Mike Richards landing the job as host, then resigning under controversial circumstances, a new hosting search is underway.

Maybe the famous quiz show should turn to another famous Mike? This would be “Dirty Jobs” host, Mike Rowe.

So, would he take the “Jeopardy!” hosting job if it was offered to him?

Rowe answered that question in a post on his website on Aug. 26. And in short, he said he would “probably accept” the hosting gig. However, he would only do so under one condition. And, chances are, this one condition is something you never would have guessed. And, it’s a pretty humorous demand.

Here’s what Mike Rowe had to say about hosting “Jeopardy!”: “In the spirit of compromise, I would probably accept the job if the producers agreed to put the title in lowercase letters, and replace the exclamation point with an interrobang. (in-TERO-bang.)”

“What is an interrobang?” you might just be asking yourself right now. Don’t worry, Rowe offers an explanation.

According to the former “Dirty Jobs” host, an interrobang looks like this: ‽

He describes it as “is a punctuation mark that evokes an equal measure of curiosity and surprise. It’s the love child of a question mark and an exclamation point.”

Mike Rowe said he would host the quiz show if its title went from looking like “Jeopardy!” to looking like “jeopardy‽”

Mike Rowe Said Changing Show’s Title Would Give It ‘Irony and Modesty’

Changing the exclamation point at the end of the quiz show’s name to the interrobang, and going to lowercase letters instead of all capital letters, as Mike Rowe jokingly notes, “would give the title of the show a measure of irony and modesty, instead of the manufactured urgency currently there.”

Mike Rowe also jokes that the show’s title as it currently appears is “a bit like putting a winking emoji after a DANGER sign.” He also humorously argues that should the show make his requested changes to its title, its essence would not be lost.

“Thus, the interrobang would induce the same mix of curiosity and surprise into the title of this beloved show, that the game itself aspires to impart with every question answered, or in this case, every answer questioned,” Rowe also wrote. “… Now, that’s a title I could get behind!!!”

At the end of his post, Mike Rowe made it clear that he has not tried about for the hosting gig at “Jeopardy!” “It should also be noted that I have not yet auditioned, because no one at Sony has asked me to,” he also shared.