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Mike Rowe Reveals the ‘Only Objective’ When Making ‘Dirty Jobs’

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Michael Buckner/WireImage)

In a recent social media post, Mike Rowe posted a defense of his career and his work. In this post, he revealed the “only objective” he had when he was making “Dirty Jobs.”

According to what the 59-year-old television personality shared on Facebook, he felt compelled to explain his approach to his television shows over the years. Those shows, of course, are “Dirty Jobs,” “Somebody’s Gotta Do it,” and “How America Works.”

Rowe said the reason he wrote this lengthy social media post was an article by Jake Maynard that appeared in The New Republic. In his response, Rowe addressed several of the comments Maynard made in his article.

One of Maynard’s comments accused Mike Rowe’s most recent show, “How America Works,” of being more concerned with industries than with the wellbeing of the Americans who work in those industries.

In response, Rowe said that his shows have been focused on showcasing how important some jobs are to the country. “The shows (sic) only objective – beyond finding and entertaining an audience – is to remind Americans that we all depend on a skilled workforce,” the “Dirty Jobs” host wrote.

Rowe then explained the perspective his shows have taken over the years. “Thus, we don’t portray employees as victims or their employers as villains. We simply show the work through the eyes of the workers,” he also wrote.

Mike Rowe also argued that his shows are concerned with the well-being of the nation’s workers. “Also, it’s kind of silly to suggest we’re ‘not interested’ in the working conditions of the people we feature. Those working conditions are on full display in every episode, and speak for themselves,” he also explained.

Mike Rowe Also Discussed Another ‘Objective’ of His Television Shows

In his recent Facebook post, Mike Rowe also talked about another “objective” he has had with his television shows.

“It may surprise you, though, to learn that ‘educating viewers’ has ALWAYS taken a backseat to entertaining them. That’s the primary objective of all ad-supported TV shows, including How America Works. Likewise, every show ever produced – from NOVA to The Kardashian’s – has endeavored to edit out the ‘dull parts.’ (Good writers, I’ve noticed, aspire to do the same.),” Rowe explained.

Rowe’s Facebook post was lengthy and covered a variety of issues. In addition to talking about the objectives of his show, he also talked about his scholarship program. He also talked about student debt is creating a financial burden for many people who attended college.

“I think it’s critically important to the future of millions of kids, and to the future of our country. High school graduates are still being told they’re screwed without a college degree, and $1.7 trillion of student loan debt is the result. It’s a hustle, and it’s gotta stop. Also, the actual number of people we’ve assisted with work ethic scholarships is more like 1,400. And the total scholarships awarded so far are well over $5 million,” Mike Rowe also shared.