Mike Rowe Says America Is ‘Coming Out’ of Pandemic ‘Stupor’

by Josh Lanier

Mike Rowe believes America is coming out of its “stupor” as more people push back against the “absurdity” of COVID-19 mask mandates. The Dirty Jobs host says it’s refreshing to see young people refusing to follow a rule that “makes no sense.”

Mike Rowe appeared on The Brian Kilmeade Show to discuss the coronavirus pandemic this week. Rowe likened the government’s mask mandate to the Hans Christian Andersen fable The Emporer’s New Clothes. He said recent pushback from students and people who refuse to wear masks has exposed the government’s naked hypocrisy.

“We’ve been asked to believe that which is unbelievable,” Mike Rowe told Kilmeade. “We’ve been asked to lend credibility to that which is incredulous. … We know it makes no sense to walk through a diner with the mask, only to take it off when you’re seated. We know it makes no sense to cover a kid’s face who’s two years old or five years old or 15 years old, so they can go to school… And yet, for two years, very few people said anything. Well, now the kids spoke up and people are nodding their heads and we’re coming out of our stupor.”

Mike Rowe: We Evaluate Risk Daily Without Government Intrusion

In a blog post last month, Mike Rowe responded to an angry fan letter that said Rowe shouldn’t “make light” of the seriousness of the pandemic. The writer was referring to a meme of Rowe and his camera crew all wearing diapers. Some people have used the photo to make fun of masks.

Rowe had nothing to do with the meme, but he believes in the message. In his lengthy response, Rowe pointed to CNN medical analyst Dr. Leana Wen, who recently changed her opinion on masks, saying they were “little more than facial decoration,” he quotes her as saying.

“In other words,” Rowe writes, “we just endured two years of fistfights, brawls, and stabbings over masks that are not appropriate for this pandemic.”

He feels that the government can’t protect everyone from COVID. That’s not to say you shouldn’t take precautions, but he believes everyone should do the calculations and take the risk themselves.

“We evaluate risk, we weigh the odds, and we proceed accordingly,” he said. Moreover, he said, if the government mandated a 20 mph speed limit it would lower the number of traffic fatalities. But people ignore speed limits now. They’ve evaluated the risks for themselves and decided it’s reasonable, he added.

Rowe said every American who wanted to be vaccinated got the jab. It should be up to them to use them and not the government to mandate it, he believes.