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Mike Rowe Says America Is ‘Desperate’ for Conversation About ‘Debt,’ Discusses Issue With Dave Ramsey

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images)

As many Americans continue to struggle when it comes to finances, Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe reveals to Dave Ramsey that the U.S. is desperate for a conversation when it comes to tackling debt. In his latest Instagram post, Mike Rowe shared a clip from his latest podcast interview with the financial expert.

Rowe wrote in the caption, “Our country is desperate, in my opinion, for a conversation about debt. In particular, student loan debt. I’ve had a lot of those conversations with a lot of people. But this is the best one yet. If you or someone you know is considering borrowing money for college, please listen Dave Ramsey tell it like it is.”

As the clip rolls, Mike Rowe discusses “shortcuts” when it comes to debt with Dave Ramsey. “Shortcuts lead to long delays.” Dave Ramsey notably appeared on The Way I Heard It With Mike Rowe podcast to discuss his documentary Borrowed Future: How Student Loans Are Killing the American Dream. The duo also chatted about the “pitfalls” of here easy payments. The documentary’s description reads, “Borrowed Future uncovers the dark side of the student loan industry and exposes how the system is built to work against you.”

In the documentary, Dave Ramsey and his team meet with a group of high school students as they prepare to make one of the biggest financial decisions of their lives. “Borrowed Future proves that you really do have the power to beat the student loan system – but it’s up to you. You get to decide to feed the system or fight back.”

Mike Rowe Previously Spoke About Why Student Loan Forgiveness Is a Bad Idea 

In December 2020, Fox News reported that Mike Rowe considered student loan forgiveness a “bad” idea. In a Facebook post that appears to now be deleted, the Dirtiest Jobs star shared his stance on the topic.

“My reasons for opposing student loan forgiveness are not a secret,” Mike Rowe declared. “I’ve written at length on this page about the fundamental unfairness of doing such a thing. Especially to the millions of Americans who have paid their student debts and sacrificed much to do so.”

Mike Rowe then explained that he believes forgiving student loan debt would send a “terrible message” to the very same universities that already “gouge” students with high tuition. “Tuition will never come back to Earth if we bail out those who borrowed more than they could repay.”

However, Mike Rowe does sympathize with those who continue to struggle with student loan debt. “I pity every young man and woman who is struggling today under the yoke of a crushing student loan. I sincerely do. You were possibly sold a bill of goods. You were likely pressured by your friends, your parents, or your guidance counselor, to attend the ‘right’ school. But that’s not my fault. Nor is it the fault of the American people. The fault belongs to you. And so does the debt.”