Mike Rowe Sends Message to ‘Everyone Who Encouraged Me to Get Into Politics’

by Thad Mitchell

Television personality Mike Rowe has a few words if you’ve ever tried to coax him into politics.

Mike Rowe, now 59-years-old, is best known as the host of the television show “Dirty Jobs” along with other appearances. The former opera singer has built a nice career for himself by seeking out and finding interesting people. Funny, intelligent and insightful, television show hosting is a natural fit for Mike Rowe. He is currently hosting a Facebook series “Returning the Favor” in which he seeks people doing good deeds.

After undergoing a surgical procedure on his nose recently, Mike Rowe finds himself with a lot of free time. He got an interesting piece of mail recently, a book titled “The Nation We Once Knew.” In a recent social media post, he describes his feelings upon learning that he is part of the book. In typical Mike Rowe fashion, he gets a kick out of the book’s storyline that involves him meeting with the fictional president.

“A brief message,” he writes in the post’s caption space. “A brief message to anyone who has ever encouraged me to get into politics.”

Mike Rowe begins the short video by explaining a little bit about a book he receives in the mail. The entire 8 minute and 40 seconds of the video are hilarious and exactly what we have come to expect from the witty Rowe.

“I’d like you to take a second if you can spare a second, and put yourself in my place just for a minute,” he says. “You’re sitting at home, taking it easy and wondering if your nose is ever going to return to its normal size. You walk up to the mailbox and discover a package. In the package is a book called ‘The Nation We Once Knew’ and it is written by Dr. Steven Shephard. With the book, he includes the note saying he is a big fan of your foundation and he thinks you might enjoy the book.”

After reading a few pages of the book, Mike Rowe discovers he is a character in the book. He is to meet with the fictional 47th President of the United States. The president offers him a position in her cabinet, which stuns Rowe.

After reading the first 40 pages or so, according to him, he sums up his feelings on the book so far.

“Are you kidding me?” he says as he bursts into laughter. “Full disclosure: I can’t recommend the book because I haven’t read it yet. That is as far as I got — I’m on page 43. I kind of scrolled ahead looking for my name and it is in there a bunch. I pop up in this thing. It’s a small thing but it is kind of flattering.”

Mike Rowe’s Tuesday social media post drew a lot of attention, including a few fans who would like to see voice the audiobook.