Mike Rowe Show ‘Somebody’s Gotta Do It’ is Now Streaming: How and Where to Watch

by Samantha Whidden

Mike Rowe’s hit TV series Somebody’s Gotta Do It is now available for streaming! The show is now exclusively available on the streaming service, Pure Flix. 

According to IMDb, Somebody’s Gotta Do It brings its viewers face-t-face with men and women who march to the “beat of a different drum.” In each of the show’s episodes, Mike Rowe visits unique individuals and joins them in their “undertakings.”

The show premiered in October 2016. In May 2016, Mike Rowe announced that he and CNN agreed to end production of the series following its third season. The show’s fourth season was notably picked up by the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN). Pure Flix began streaming the series on July 15th. You can stream the series on the site for the price of $12.99 per month (with a 7-day free trial).

Mike Rowe Talks Reboot of His Hit Series ‘Dirty Jobs’

Mike Rowe recently spoke with TwinCities.com about rebooting Dirty Jobs with Discovery. In May 2021, he was at the University of Minnesota shooting with the escalator repair and maintenance crew from Eagan’s Schindler Elevator. 

“I spent 10 hours there right by Gopher Stadium,” Mike Rowe explains. He also admits that it’s hard to find jobs he hasn’t done before, but he had never taken apart an escalator. “It’s crazy, dangerous, removing the steps one at a time and crawling down into this mechanism with giant chains. But it was really fun.”

Mike Rowe also discusses his adventure in South Dakota. “My first thought was to go to [Mt.] Rushmore and power wash Jefferson’s nostrils,” he jokes. “But the crew found it easier to shoot a similar job at the privately funded Crazy Horse Memorial.”

Mike Reveals Difference Between Original ‘Dirty Jobs’ & Reboot

Rowe also tells TwinCities that the show’s viewers cannot tell the difference between Dirty jobs and Dirty Jobs Row’d Trip. “The biggest difference is that I’m older than I’ve ever been and things hurt and hurt longer. 

Mike Rowe’s Dirty Jobs originally aired on the Discovery Channel from July 2005 until September 2012. In 2014, Rowe teamed up with CNN for Somebody’s Gotta Do It, which featured him and the Dirty Jobs crew. Dirty Jobs has since been rebooted as the limited series Dirty Jobs: Row’d Trip. Rowe admits he has done 300 different jobs. “A lot [of] people who are fans of the show never realized we stopped shooting, as the network has literally aired it every day since.”

In regards to his bucket list, Rowe says that Dirty Jobs checks a lot of boxes. “I did 32 hours of Somebody’s Gotta Do It where I did things like deep-sea diving and jump out of plans. I did 100 episodes of Returning the Favor for Facebook. In the end, they’re basically the same show. 

Dirty Jobs reboot is set to premiere later this year on Discovery.