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Mike Rowe Shows Off Impressive Handiwork in Gritty New Pic

by Will Shepard
(Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP/GettyImages)

Mike Rowe might be the television king of handiwork. However, there are likely several people who will happily challenge him for that title. Nonetheless, Mike Rowe is trying to solidify his best all-around handyman status.

The television host has been busy working hard. He has been posting a few pictures of his handiwork on various things to social media.

So, today, Wednesday, April 14, Mike Rowe shared a picture to his Instagram of his latest handiwork. He is sitting in front of a massive pipe. He says that “I galvanized a pipe today. A big one. More later.”

Mike Rowe Keeps Working Hard, On and Off the Camera

This is not the only thing that Mike Rowe has been building lately. Two weeks ago, he decided that he wanted to build a tug boat. So, he went ahead and did so. Even though he probably had a lot of help building his tug boat, it definitely showcases his workmanship.

Over the years, he has done a ton of projects on television. He has probably done roughly a similar amount off-camera too, perhaps way more.

Even though Dirty Jobs was finished in 2012, a reboot of the show came out last year. The new show is called Dirty Jobs Rowe’d Trip, and so far, there are four episodes. The show is back with the Discovery Channel and is a continuation of the original show.

Even though he is almost 60 years old, it seems like age is just a number to the show host. He has been working on many projects over the years. Mike Rowe has been working hard for the entirety of his life. He would certainly be the first to tell you that.

Furthermore, Rowe has been advocating for a higher minimum wage. On Fox Business, Mike Rowe talked about how important a $15 per hour wage is for working people. Even though it is a hot-button political issue, he wasn’t afraid to voice his opinion.

“I want everybody who works hard and plays fair to prosper. I want everybody to be able to support themselves. But, if you just pull the money out of midair you’re going to create other problems,” Rowe continued. “There is a ladder of success that people climb, and some of those jobs that are out there for seven, eight, nine dollars an hour. In my view, they’re simply not intended to be careers. They’re not intended to be full-time jobs. They’re rungs on a ladder.”

So, as Mike Rowe continues to work on his own projects, he also advocates that jobs need to pay more. Whether or not you agree with his political views, his handiwork, at the very least, is admirable.