Mike Rowe Sits Down with 33-Year Police Veteran, Talks Experiences on the Force

by Quentin Blount
Photo By Tom Williams/Roll Call via Getty Images

Are you a fan of Dirty Jobs star Mike Rowe? If so, you’ll love the latest episode of his podcast, The Way I Heard It. During the show, he sat down with a 33-year-police veteran and writer Tim Cotton.

For those who don’t know, Tim Cotton has been a cop of the small city of Bangor, Maine for years. And it’s thanks to his efforts that the department’s Facebook page became somewhat of a social media phenomenon. It has more than 327,000 followers despite having a population of just over 30,000. As you can imagine an episode of Mike Rowe’s podcast featuring a seasoned police officer such as Cotton would make for some great conversation.

“The Duck of Justice Flies Again,” Rowe captioned the video, referring to the taxidermied wood duck that has become the department’s mascot of sorts.

Cotton is most certainly an interesting guy. He went from leading the Bangor Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division, to becoming a writer and the administrator of the Facebook page.

“Tim Cotton has been a cop for 33 years, looking out for the good people of Bangor, Maine. He’s also written a very funny best-selling book called The Detective in the Dooryard, and now, he’s releasing another one called Got Warrants?”

Check Out the Latest Episode of Mike Rowe’s Latest Podcast

If all of this is sounding like it’s right up your alley then you’re in luck. Not only did Rowe provide his fans with a preview of the podcast, but he also left a link so you can listen to the entire thing.

“Is Tim Cotton a cop who writes or a writer who pauses in his scribblings from time to time to arrest a few bad guys?” Rowes asks his fans on Instagram. “I’ll let you decide for yourself in this week’s podcast, where I sit down with one of my favorite policemen to talk about writing, and one of my favorite writers to talk about policing. Here’s a short clip designed to make you click on the link to the full episode when time permits.”

As he so often does, Mike Rowe signs off by leaving his followers some wise words of advice.

“Have a great weekend. Or, better yet, in the words of my esteemed guest, ‘Keep your hands to yourself, leave other people’s things alone, and be kind to one another.'”

If you still weren’t sold on listening, check out some of the top comments on Rowe’s post.

“Thank you for your service! We’re always rooting for the good cops!” one person said. “I’m definitely going to buy these two books!”

“Gonna have to read his books, the signed ones, of course,” another fan replied.”Delightful, disarming, goofiness. Yes, Mike, other people work one job 33 years in a row, rather than many dirty jobs in particular ‘Rowe.'”