Mike Rowe Sits Down with Young Woman Helping Redefine Trade Work

by Kati Michelle

Mike Rowe is one of those rare celebrities that doesn’t actually care about the spotlight shining on him. Instead, he would rather use that focus to highlight the people and communities that make America great. A big part of that is advocating for the working class and trade workers. He gave this advice to high schoolers Wednesday, reminding all of us that we always have a choice. Rowe’s most recent Instagram post dives into that conversation deeper as he sits down with a young woman for a short documentary. The documentary is aimed at helping redefine the image surrounding trade work.

Mike Rowe Turns Myth Buster for New Documentary

Mike Rowe has been involved with a whole plethora of documentaries and projects over the years. Although “Dirty Jobs” might have launched him to stardom, it didn’t stop there. He went on to shoot “How America Works,” launch a Tennessee whiskey named after his grandfather, and even craft his own podcast. Between all these projects, he still made time for community outreach and philanthropy.

Mirroring the TikTok about him that went viral, his talk with Chloe Hudson was one of pure class. Apparently, she earned his foundation’s work ethic scholarship a couple of years back. That makes her the perfect subject for his new documentary. You can listen to a snippet of their conversation from the documentary’s trailer here:

Together, Rowe and Hudson are bringing the heat with “Trading Up: Our Case for Trade Schools.” They partnered with PragerU to illuminate the most rampant myths surrounding the 4-year-degree. Rowe talks about how young people are constantly bombarded with the idea that they have to get a college degree to succeed. In reality, though, millions of well-paying trade jobs are open and willing to take on new hires. In fact, our society depends on these jobs. Rowe and Hudson want people to know they shouldn’t fear “getting your hands a little dirty.”

More About Chloe’s Story

On his official Facebook page, Mike Rowe delves a little deeper into Chloe Hudson’s background. He says despite his and Robert Kiyosaki’s appearances in the work, “make no mistake – this is Chloe’s film and Chloe’s story.” Apparently, she wrestled with the idea of a college degree for a while too before coming to the conclusion that it just wasn’t the right path for her. At one point, Chloe planned on pursuing the path the become a plastic surgeon.

At the end of the day, the thought of slinking nearly half a million dollars into debt for the degree just proved to be too much. So, instead, she applied for a much smaller grant from mikeroweWORKS. The documentary will explore how she used this money to fund a more authentic “American dream.”

Rowe has not disclosed the official release date for the film yet, but the trailer means it’s probably closer than we think.