Mike Rowe Addresses America’s ‘Lack of Appreciation’ for Blue Collar Workers

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images)

While promoting the new season of his show How America Works, Mike Rowe calls out the lack of appreciation for blue-collar work. 

During his interview with Hannity host, Sean Hannity, Mike Rowe spoke about how many Americans do not fully understand the process to manufacture something or farming. “There are two different things,” Rowe explains. “Realization and appreciation. Most of us have never really realized it, but we’ve always intuitively appreciate it. We know that when we flip the switch and the light comes on, that that’s the result of a miracle. And that miracle is made possible by men and women doing things out of sight and out of mind.” 

However, Mike Rowe says that there is a lack of appreciation when it comes to behind-the-scenes jobs. “What I worry about is the overall lack of appreciation that has infected, in my view, our society over the last 30 or 40 years. I think in a lot of ways, COVID gave us a wake-up call, but I’m afraid it did something else, too, honestly.” 

Mike Rowe discusses those who worked and left blue-collar jobs. “I’ll tell you what nobody’s talking about. No one is talking about the seven million able-bodied men who are not only unemployed today, but who have affirmatively left the workforce,” he said. The TV personality further cited an economist who told him that statistics is one above all other economic indicators that should “scare the hell” out of everyone for the future if it is not addressed.

“If we don’t fix that,” Mike Rowe continued. “We’re on that part of the map where it says, ‘Here Be Dangerous’ because we don’t know what’s coming next.”  

Upcoming Episode of Mike Rowe’s ‘How America Works’ Reveals Watco’s Role in Supply Chain 

According to a press release, an upcoming episode of Mike Rowe’s How America Works will reveal how Watco. This is a transportation and logistic service company that keeps the nation’s supply chain moving. 

Five Watco team members are going to be in the new episode. Ernie Farrand, Vice President of Greens Port, spoke about Mike Rowe’s involvement in the workforce. “Mike Rowe shows the men and women who do the hard work people don’t see. Being featured on How America Works is an exciting opportunity for Watco and our team members.”

Farrand further explained, “When consumers pick a product off a shelf, hundreds of people have worked around the clock in all kinds of weather to make that simple act possible. We’re very proud to show off what our Greens Port team does to keep products and supplies moving to the people who need them.”

Watco CEO, Dan Smith, also said that the team members featured are only a small representation of the company. “However, they show the dedication, hard work, and passion our team has for one another and our customers.”

The How America Works episode featuring the supply chain company will air on Monday (October 17th).