Mike Rowe Speaks Out About How Gas Prices Have Been Crushing American Truckers

by Chris Haney

In recent months, gas prices have surged at pumps across the nation. Supply chain issues, inflation, and the Ukraine-Russia conflict have all been pinpointed as reasons for the price hikes. However, How America Works host Mike Rowe recently opened up about how gas prices are specifically impacting truckers around the country.

While speaking with Fox & Friends, Rowe said that American truckers aren’t buying the “[Russian President Vladimir Putin] price hike” narrative. The Dirty Jobs host spoke about how inflation has affected American consumers. He also previewed the new season of How America Works, which premieres Monday night. However, he had an impassioned message in support of truckers dealing with surging gas prices.

“They’re just sending me videos of them at the gas pump,” Mike Rowe said of truckers he knows. “Some of them are filling up 18-wheelers, and I’m not kidding – $1,100, $1,200. We see the price for us and in relative terms we know it’s awful. When you put $1,200 in your gas tank, and just six months ago it was costing you [$600] or $700, the exponential reality of it is starting to sink in. You just can’t walk that back, it touches every single thing that matters in this country. From food production to transportation, obviously, all of it.”

Mike Rowe Talks Impact of High Gas Prices on Other Industries

As Mike Rowe’s interview continued this morning, he spoke further about gas price increases. He shared that it’s not just truckers dealing with the impact of higher prices. It’s a trickle-down effect that has left a mark on numerous industries, which are also impacting consumers across America. In tonight’s new episode of How America Works, Rowe visits beef production facilities that are just one example of an industry impacted from top to bottom.

“The guys I know in this business… [A] guy said to me the other day, it’s like… falling down the stairs in slow motion… We know it’s coming,” Mike Rowe shared on the show. “We’re watching it happen. It’s happening in real time, and it’s not just diesel. It’s not just gasoline… If you bring it back to food, and tonight’s episode is all about beef production in this country, and it’s an eye-opener.”

The TV host then shared another industry that’s been hit hard by recent gas price increases. Fertilizer costs have skyrocketed in recent history, and as Rowe says, “there’s no food without fertilizer.”

“But you have to talk about fertilizer too… There’s no food without fertilizer in this country,” Rowe continued. “The cost of fertilizer is hundreds, hundreds of percent higher than it was. When you combine that with the cost of energy, the average person has now really gotten the memo. But not from the gas pump, from a restaurant, a steak. The cost of a steak is almost two times what it was six, seven months ago.”