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Mike Rowe Speaks Out on New Show: ‘We’re Desperate Today to Find Topics We Can All Agree on’

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

Longtime television personality Mike Rowe has made a career out of bringing unseen parts of the world to your living room.

Now 58-years-old, Rowe is known to provide education through entertainment by shining a light on the previously unseen. The former “Dirty Jobs” host is gearing up for his next televised adventure “Six Degrees with Mike Rowe.”

Rowe is a former opera singer and his television hosting gigs are nothing short of interesting and entertaining. He is currently hosting “Returning the favor,” which is broadcast on social media site Facebook. On the show, Rowe finds everyday people doing good deeds and in return, does a good deed for them.

In a recent interview with Fox News, Mike Rowe says his hope for the show is to show the world that we are more connected than we know.

“Well, look, what’s the famous old quote? Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it, or something like that,” he says. “The more unsure the future looks, the more unsettled the present is, I think the more important the past becomes. And so we’re desperate today, I think, to find topics we can all agree on.”

Mike Rowe Hopes New Show Will Connect the Dots

As the world faces unsettling times, Rowe says the path forward should start with unity. He hopes his new show will allow people to see that unity is not only possible, but also logical. The series will explore history in an attempt to uncover forgotten links that connect us all.

“History, I think is an easy thing to agree on as well,” he says. “And we can argue over the specifics of what happened here or there. People love to do that, but still, it’s fundamentally a thing that we share. And so the basic topic of history, I think is increasingly important at a time like this.”

As he has with his previous shows, Mike Rowe is having a blast creating and hosting the show. He says having free access to a treasure trove of information provided the internet is a gift no one should take for granted.

“As I try and make sense of the present by looking back to the past, I construct the narrative the way I heard it, the way it makes sense to my brain,” he says. “And that ultimately is what this show is. Everything in it is true, everything in it is accurate but everything in it is also my answer to a question. And those questions are goofy… Well, the fun of unpacking questions like these is to show people that really anything’s possible if you have enough time, enough bourbon and access to the Internet.”

The show is currently available for streaming on Discovery+.