Mike Rowe Speaks Out on Oil, Gas Workers Losing Jobs: ‘It’s a Heartbreaker’

by Thad Mitchell

Longtime television host and personality Mike Rowe opened eyes with his hit television show “Dirty Jobs.”

Rowe has made a career by shining light on previously unseen parts and people of the world. In a recent interview with Fox News, Rowe is hoping to open more eyes to a growing issue. Appearing on “Fox and Friends,” the television host says workers in the oil and gas industries are struggling.

Fox News shared an Instagram post early Thursday morning regarding Rowe’s appearance on the show. He calls the situation workers are in “heartbreaking” and says the effects will reach coast to coast.

“Television host Mike Rowe reacts on Wednesday to an interview with displace oil workers slamming President Joe Biden’s recent executive order, calling it ‘a heartbreaker’ the way skill laborers have been treated in ‘such a high-handed manner,'” the post’s caption says.

The caption continues, “The former host of ‘Dirty Jobs’ explains during an appearance on ‘Fox & Friends’ that ‘everybody’ is affected by fundamental imbalances in the oil and gas industry. He adds that the effects will be much larger than just the 11,000 Keystone Pipeline jobs lost, as the impacts will “ripple all the way to the coasts.”

The post teasing Rowe’s interview took in more than 14,000 “likes” only three hours after going live.

Mike Rowe Discusses Keystone Pipeline Cancelation

The Keystone Pipeline project faces cancelation by the current presidential administration, reportedly leaving thousands of industry workers without employment. Rowe says the situation will continue to grow and create problems for skilled laborers in the industry.

“Just wait until we truly make (the oil and gas industry) the enemy and disconnect ourselves so completely from that part of our economy that we really start to see the impact,” he says. “Then you’ll have 330 million people involved in this conservation.”

Now 58-years-old, Rowe, who has spent numerous years as a television host, is currently hosting “Six Degrees with Mike Rowe.” The show is available for streaming on Discovery+. The former opera singer says the show’s intent is to reveal connections that many never knew existed.

H/T: Fox News