Mike Rowe Shares Stunning Pictures From Filming in the Rocky Mountains

by Alex Falls
Kevin Mazur / Contributor / Getty

Mike Rowe cemented himself a TV legacy through his popular show Dirty Jobs. The original show came to an end in 2012, but Rowe has remained a popular voice with American workers ever since.

Most recently, he’s been busy filming a new season of his show The Story Behind the Story. The show airs on TBN and features stories from Rowe’s popular podcast The Way I Heard It. Rowe gave his social media followers a quick peak into an episode he’s currently filming in the Colorado Rockies.

“Sorry to be so scarce. Super busy in the Colorado Rockies shooting Season 3 of The Story Behind the Story,” Rowe wrote in his post. “Too much fun. Season premiere next month. Check out our new sign, last night’s moonrise, and the aspens doing what aspens do. Hard to imagine a prettier place on the planet.”

The Story Behind the Story received great reviews when it premiered earlier this year. But that’s not all Rowe has kept busy with. He also brought back Dirty Jobs for a long-delayed ninth season.

Mike Rowe’s New Business

In addition to his several TV projects, Rowe has also served as an advocate for hard-working jobs. Plus, he’s an entrepreneur. He also recently launched a new venture called Knobel Spirits. The company distributes Rowe’s special whiskey made just as his grandfather used to make.

Rowe knows a thing or two about tough jobs. One such job that can bring its own share of difficulties is owning and operating a liquor store. Liquor store owners probably encounter a huge range of personalities that can go from kind customers to hard-nosed criminals. While in Baltimore launching Knobel Spirits, he took a moment to recognize this difficult profession and noted it takes a “certain type of person” to successfully operate a liquor store.

“The whiskey is here,” Rowe said in a previous Instagram post. “We’ve had some supply chain issues. But at long last, Knobel Tennessee Whiskey is here and I am in a celebratory mood. So perhaps you’ll join me in a virtual drink. Carl Knobel was my granddad, and Dirty Jobs was a tribute to him. So, too, was Mike Rowe WORKS. So, 100 percent of the net proceeds go to the Mike Rowe WORKS Foundation when you buy a bottle of Knobel.”