Mike Rowe Teases Major Change to ‘The Way I Heard It’ But Isn’t Sure Yet: ‘I’ll Figure it Out’

by Thad Mitchell
When it comes to the media world, former Dirty Jobs host and opera singer Mike Rowe has been there and done that.
(Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

When it comes to the media world, former “Dirty Jobs” host and opera singer Mike Rowe has been there and done that.

Mike Rowe lives to tell the stories of others and has quite a few stories on his own to share. At 59-years-old, Rowe is still going strong with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Though he is most known for his time on “Dirty Jobs,” Mike Rowe has been a media maven for several years. He built his career on tracking down and sharing the stories of some of the world’s most interesting people. On “Dirty Jobs,” Mike Rowe shined a bright light on the unsung heroes doing the jobs no one else wants to do. His latest venture, “Returning the Favor” is a show that airs on the social media site Facebook. The show sees Rowe seek out do-gooders and then does something nice for them in the spirit of Returning the Favor.

Mike Rowe has also stepped into the world of podcasting with his latest offering “The Way I Heard It” podcast. On the increasingly popular podcast, Rowe shares his thoughts on a variety of subjects such as pop culture, politics and history. In his most recent social media post, Mike Rowe says he is considering tinkering with the podcast’s format. He says he will consider having more guests on the podcast who are on a mission of truth.

As always, Rowe delivers the social media post in his own style.

Mike Rowe Considering Format Shift For Podcast

“This week on the podcast, my mother stops by to discuss the final chapter in my books, and the next chapter in her life,” Mike Rowe says. “As always, it’s a fun and delightful hang with a few surprises.”

Mike Rowe then notes that he is trying to decide which direction to take his podcast in. He says he’s tempted to keep his current format but says he will consider other options as well.

“The time has also come to figure out what to do next in the strange world of Podcastlandia,” he says. “I’m tempted to simply keep the same format going. But, I am also considering welcoming guests who are on a mission of some sort – a mission to clarify or correct a popular belief. The Way THEY Heard It, in other words. Or not. I will figure it out. In the meantime, your suggestions, comments and questions are welcome.”

A popular pop culture icon, Mike Rowe got numerous suggestions from fans on the future direction of his podcast. Most of his fans would like to see him do an interview-style podcast with a host of interesting people.

Any which way Mike Rowe takes his podcast, people are bound to tune in to hear what he has to say.