Mike Rowe’s Knobel Whiskey: Buying a Bottle Could Earn You a ‘Spontaneous Zoom Call’ From the Man Himself

by Megan Molseed
mike-rowes-knobel-whiskey-buying- bottle-could-earn-you-spontaneous-zoom-call-from- man-himself
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

We thought it couldn’t get any better after Dirty Jobs star Mike Rowe’s Knobel Tennessee Whiskey was finally available for sale. But, Rowe has gone above and beyond for fans of his whiskey. Touching base with some Knobel Tennessee Whiskey fans in some spontaneous Zoom calls. And, the Discovery Channel host notes, future customers of Knobel Tennesee Whiskey are able to partake in this honor as well!

In a Monday, afternoon Twitter post, Mike Rowe shared a variety of video clips of the Dirty Jobs star laughing it up on a couple of Zoom calls with Knobel Whiskey drinkers. It’s everything you’d imagine too. Sure, most of what we see are quick clips of the conversations. However, it’s clear each one of them is having an absolute blast.

“I’m not saying that buying a bottle of Knobel Tennessee Whiskey will result in a spontaneous Zoom call from me,” Mike Rowe says in the March 28 Twitter post.

“But I’m not saying it won’t,” the Dirty Jobs star adds.

Mike Rowe’s Knobel Tennesee Whiskey Instantly Becomes A Favorite

According to the Dirty Jobs star, the first round of Knobel Tennesee Whiskey sold out way faster than he had anticipated. The initial batch included 12,000 bottles of the smooth stuff. He had anticipated this batch to last several months. However, the supply sold out in just three months.

“The feedback has been terrific,” Rowe says of the whiskey sales. Rowe goes on to note that despite battling some supply chain issues, another batch of the specialty spirits is on the way.

“Supply chain issues, (yes, I’m making excuses,) led to all kinds of shipping delays, and lots of other headaches I won’t bore you with,” Mike Rowe says.

“But here’s the good news – it looks like we have another 12,000 bottles in the works,” the Dirty Jobs star adds.

“A few thousand of which are ready to ship immediately,” Rowe adds. “Assuming you live in one of the enlightened states that allow its residents to enjoy adult spirits.”

Knobel Tennessee Whiskey Is Available In A Variety of Packages

Mike Rowe’s specialty whiskey is available in four different packages. The first is called “Just the Juice.”

This one is exactly what it seems. It’s a single bottle of the Knobel Tennessee Whiskey which is priced at $64.95 a bottle. For those looking for something a little fancier, the “Juice Gift Box Limited Edition” is available for $89.95.

Another Knobel Tennesee Whiskey package available for sale is called “The Juice With Autographed Closure Limited Edition” which sells for $89.95. Finally, customers can look at purchasing the Caddilac of Knobel Whiskey packages with “The Works Limited Edition” which is selling for $205.95. Check out all of these options here. And, who knows, maybe soon you’ll be enjoying a drink while kicking back with Mike Rowe himself!