Miles Teller Reportedly Attacked While on Vacation With Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Trouble in a tropical paradise? Actor Miles Teller was reportedly attacked while on vacation with Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley recently.

The Green Bay quarterback and former “Jeopardy!” guest host has been on an extended Hawaiian vacation with his fiancée. Teller is a longtime friend of Woodley’s. The two starred in several movies together, including The Spectacular Now” and “The Divergent Series.” Teller also brought along his wife Keleigh Sperry for the trip.

But according to TMZ, Teller got in an altercation while in Hawaii. While Teller and Rodgers seem to have become good friends, Teller is not on everyone’s good side. A wedding planner reportedly confronted Teller and Sperry and things got violent.

Teller and his wife had dinner at a restaurant in Maui on Wednesday (May 26) when a wedding planner approached. According to the report, the man claimed to be the wedding planner from Teller’s wedding two years ago in Maui. He accused Teller and Sperry of not paying his bill. He claimed the two owed him $60,000 from the wedding. And he was there to collect.

The wedding planner ended up punching Teller as a result.

However, Teller’s wife claims that the aforementioned reports are “completely false.”

Miles Teller Reportedly Attacked

The incident happened in the bathroom at the Monkeypod Kitchen in Maui. The man approached Teller while in the bathroom and struck him. The two continued their argument and confrontation outside of the bathroom. For his part, Teller also threatened to press charges against the man.

The couple ended up leaving the restaurant. Reportedly, Teller experienced no significant or serious injury from the assault. Witnesses in the restaurant reported the incident to TMZ. They claimed they overheard the man accuse Teller of never paying.

But Sperry has since disputed TMZ’s story as inaccurate. She shared her own version of the event on Instagram.

On Instagram, she wrote, “The story reported about Miles being punched in the face by @TMZ over “Money” is completely false. Miles was jumped by 2 men we have never met after they trapped him in a bathroom. It seems these same men have done this to many people and we appreciate your support Maui. This is now a criminal investigation.”

Neither Rodgers nor Woodley were present for the incident. But the two weren’t far from Teller’s mind. Sometime after the assault, Teller was back on social media. He shared a picture of himself and Sperry raising drinks in cheers. He jokingly wrote, “Cheers to signing with the Packers.”

Perhaps, Teller knows more than the rest of us right now. Rodgers has been in a very public disagreement with the Green Bay Packers. Rodgers was reportedly upset with the team when they chose to draft his eventual replacement. He also wants out of his contract with the team for the upcoming season. But the Packers are reluctant to release the star quarterback to another team.

Amid the drama, Rodgers chose to hit Hawaii for a little vacation and made a new friend in Miles Teller in the process.