Miley Cyrus Explicitly Wishes Billy Idol ‘Happy Birthday’ on Rock Legend’s 65th Cake Day

by Charles Craighill

On rock legend Billy Idol’s sixty-fifth birthday, Miley Cyrus gave him an explicit shoutout on Twitter. Idol made a guest appearance on Cyrus’s newest album, Plastic Hearts. The two collaborated on the song “Night Crawling,” the sixth song on the album. This is the first song the two have released together as of now.

“Happy F***ing Birthday to Billy F***ing Idol,” Cyrus said in the tweet.

Their relationship goes farther back than just the collaboration, however. According to Miley Cyrus, it dates back to 2013, and her inspiration dates back even further. “I think the first thing I ever did for Billy was like 2013,” Miley Cyrus said in an interview. “I actually think that’s just when I’d just dyed my hair platinum and just shaved my head – I had short little spiky hair, and I looked like Billy Idol,” she said. She also added, “I really used him as the inspiration for the transformation that I had.”

Cyrus also noted how his music influenced her. “The way that he kinda married like rebellion, but also his music had like incredible hooks – he showed me that I could have balance, that I could make music that I and other people could love.”

Miley Cyrus Features Big Names on her New Album

Billy Idol isn’t the only big feature on Miley Cyrus’s new album, Plastic Hearts. She also features Dua Lipa on the song “Prisoner,” Joan Jett on the song “Bad Karma,” and Stevie Nicks on the song “Edge of Midnight (Midnight Sky Remix).”

Miley Cyrus cites Joan Jett as being one of her biggest influences and idols. “I was looking at pictures of her, getting inspired, and I was like, ‘Shit, we have the exact same handwriting!’” Cyrus recalled in the interview. “I was like, ‘Man, me and Joan DO have a lot in common. I even have her handwriting.’”