Miley Cyrus Performs Mother’s Day Tribute on ‘Saturday Night Live’ With Cover of Dolly Parton’s ‘Light Of A Clear Blue Morning’

by Madison Miller

Miley Cyrus chose a song from her universally beloved godmother in order to honor all the mothers out there.

Cyrus was the musical guest on “Saturday Night Live” last night, alongside Elon Musk as the host. Since the show was airing one day before Mother’s Day, the show opened up a little differently than it normally does. The show went into a cold open to start the night off.

Miley Cyrus on ‘SNL’

Instead of starting with a sketch right away, yesterday’s episode started with Cyrus performing a cover of the Dolly Parton song, “Light of a Clear Blue Morning.” As she was performing the beautiful rendition, cast members of the show brought their moms out on the stage.

“‘Cause I can see the light of a clear blue morning. I can see the light of a brand new day. I can see the light of a clear blue morning. Oh, and everything’s gonna be all right. It’s gonna be okay,” Cyrus sang.

“Light of a Clear Blue Morning” is from Parton’s album from 1977 titled “New Harvest … First Gathering.”

This is actually Miley Cyrus’s sixth appearance as a musical guest. She has also hosted the show three times. Besides being the traditional Mother’s Day episode, this was the first time the show was being live-streamed internationally.

She also gave a quick shout-out to her own motherly figures as well. She said, “Happy Mother’s Day to my godmother Dolly Parton and to my mom Tish.” Her mother then eventually joined her on the stage alongside the moms of the other cast members. Most recently, Tish has been helping Cyrus design her new 6,800-square-foot Los Angeles, rock ‘n’ roll inspired home.

Kenan Thompson brought his mom. Pete Davidson brought his mom, or rather, managed to bring his mom. She joked she was hanging out with Timothée Chalamet until 6 a.m.

Kate McKinnon and Laura Campbell also appeared on stage, who did an impression of Molly Shannon’s Mary Catherine Gallagher.

Miley Cyrus appeared in only one sketch throughout the whole night. She instead gave Elon Musk space and freedom in the sketches for the night. He had been a controversial choice as the host of the show, causing many cast members to express distaste over the decision.

Besides the Dolly Parton cover, Miley Cyrus also performed “Without You” alongside The Kid LAROI during “SNL.” She also performed her song “Plastic Hearts,” the title track off her 2020 album release.